Essential security upgrades from Yale

Essential security upgrades from Yale

Builders can make a move on home improvers with essential security upgrades from Yale UK.

The summer months are a prime time for homeowners considering making improvements to their property. But one area they often fail to consider when it comes to their renovation to-do list is their home security. Often pushed to the bottom of the pile over more ‘exciting’ projects, home security improvements are rarely a priority, leaving a property open to opportunistic attacks from criminals operating in the area.

Although there was a 28 per cent drop in burglaries from March to May 2020, undoubtedly due to government restrictions, the easing of the rules in June saw an immediate increase as homeowners left their properties unattended. And, as we prepare to see restrictions slowly lift once again, home security should become a key focus for homeowners looking to protect their property. So, with the help of the home security experts at Yale UK, find out how you can capitalise on this home improvement period by providing essential security products this summer.

Set the standard

Smart security products continue to grab the attention of tech-savvy homeowners wanting remote control and convenience. But it’s essential that trade professionals stock up on relevant mechanical products to ensure homes have significant protection against popular break-in tactics. And to suggest a range of suitable products, tradespeople must first be clued up on the latest standards to recommend the most effective products for securing a home.

The TS007 security standard is the highest level of certification currently available for a cylinder lock and has been backed by the hardware industry to withstand a variety of cylinder attacks. Developed in response to these attack methods, Yale’s Platinum 3 Star Cylinder provides superior strength to provide a number of different lines of defence including Anti-Snap, Anti-Pick and Anti-Bump.

To upsell in this particular area, trade professionals can also suggest upgrades to a homeowner’s PVCu door hardware, which is often a forgotten home improvement. But door hardware is a particular focus for thieves, who will look out for inferior products when deciding if a home is an easy target. General wear and tear is enough to make a PVCu door appear not up to scratch in the security stakes. So, it would be worth a tradesperson pointing this out to homeowners in the market for a new door and window package.

Yale’s TS007 2* Security Handle provides the highest level of security available for protective door furniture, with a BSI Kitemark and Secured by Design approval to match. Not only does the handle have marine grade corrosion resistance to withstand years of wear and tear, the product has been developed as a response to various cylinder attacks, creating a high-performing security handle that lasts.

The great outdoors

When making home improvements, many homeowners focus their attention on the inside of the home, but outdoor improvements should be just as high a priority. Burglars assess the visible security systems before an attack, often targeting sheds or outbuildings that have minimal security in place. In fact, statistics have revealed that 17 peer cent of Brits make no effort to secure their garden buildings, making it a tradesperson’s job to recommend relevant products that will secure their customer’s outdoor space.

By suggesting the installation of a smart CCTV system, homeowners can keep an eye on their property any time of the day via a smartphone. But it’s also important to start with the basics, like a weatherproof padlock. Padlocks have their own standards to adhere to, ensuring that the product can provide significant protection from extreme forms of attack including cutting, pulling and twisting of the shackle.

High quality padlocks will be tested to EN12320:2012 standard, including Yale’s range of weatherproof padlocks, and are worth stocking up for the summer months just ahead of the peak burglary period.

Think smart

It’s important that trade professionals stay up to date with the latest innovations, and smart security is starting to become a particular focus for homeowners.

From CCTV, smart locks and IP Cameras, Yale’s range of smart security products offer control and convenience for homeowners looking to upgrade their home security. A particular profitable product focus for tradespeople should be Smart CCTV systems and, with 33 per cent of homeowners preferring a tradesperson to fit their device professionally, it offers great opportunity for upselling.

So, with UK properties in need of a home security makeover, make the most of this year’s home improver market by stocking up on a range of products from Yale, a security brand homeowners can trust.

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