ERA’s home security systems

ERA’s home security systems

ERA is offering a simple feeling of security and Mark Humphreys finds out just how easy it is to achieve.

Home security is big business nowadays, but it’s always been thought of as something a little elite or specialist, particularly when it comes to installation. Now though with technology at the fore it has become something both affordable and easy to install…. or so I was told.

When an elderly customer of mine recently asked me to install a security system for her I had the perfect opportunity to find out. Having Googled through the pages and pages of home security websites I finally plumped for the ERA home security system, it seemed affordable, easy to instal and if it did what it said on the tin, pretty easy to use too.

The box of goodies duly arrived and, as ridiculous as it sounds, I was even impressed with the packaging, you kind of felt like you were opening a new mobile phone and I think we can all relate to that little bit of excitement.

My customer had plumped for the security flood light camera, the motion sensor camera, and the alarm system too, now the fun would begin…. installation. Ok, well the cameras to the front and rear of the house needed a power supply which luckily enough for me, in this case, were available. The motion sensor camera to the front of the house required a plug socket, the floodlight camera to the rear required a spur. In short, if like me you are not an electrician then you would need one at this stage to run you some power and connect the camera, but it is, indeed, a very basic requirement and costs very little to get someone in to ensure it conformed to regulations.

The system itself I cannot fault, plug and play is something we all like the sound of in this complicated technological world, and my scepticism that anything as complex as home security could be that simple was soon abated.

You simply instal the app, instal the product, scan the QR code on each item and it’s done….it really is that simple. The whole installation took me no more than two hours (plus half an hour for an electrician) and that was with no previous knowledge of any home security set up before.

The app allows you to see from either camera at the touch of a button, you can see live or recorded movements as they happen, and you can set or disarm the alarm as easy opening your front door, with the fob provided it is, in fact, easier than opening your front door!

In short, the overall product cost was low, the instructions were simple and clear, the packaging was classy, and the end result is astounding.

So, there you have it…………Every cause for alarm!…… see what I did there?

A great affordable product that gives you and your customers peace of mind.

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