Managing the container shortage crisis: ForgeFix reassures merchants on service and stock

Managing the container shortage crisis: ForgeFix reassures merchants on service and stock

ForgeFix, the fixings and fasteners distributor which supplies over 5,000 products lines to a network of national and independent retailers and merchants throughout the UK & Europe, is reassuring its customers that it is doing everything it possibly can to overcome the supply chain issues due to a container shortage carrying building supplies to the UK.

The company, which has manufacturing facilities in the Far East and has supply chain managers in situ, has also expanded its customer service team to provide extremely high service levels to its merchant network. ForgeFix believes that despite the disruption the crisis has caused, its long-term investment in its supply chain is paying off.

“This is an extremely challenging time but it’s been inspiring to see our team formulate creative and flexible solutions that have kept our supply chain moving,” explains Michael Brown, Managing Director of ForgeFix.

“We’ve been able to achieve this through the identification of the correct suppliers and remaining loyal to them, as well as having a dedicated import team that manage the incoming supply supported by an excellent shipping agent. It’s all backed by the flexibility and team ethos to work weekends and nights to offload containers. We are also planning to work between Christmas and the New Year to receive anything that becomes available.”

The Guardian newspaper reported in December 2020 that the UK’s ports have been grappling with a surge in freight volumes at a time when their

ability to process it all is hindered by coronavirus restrictions. Since September, the country’s biggest container port, Felixstowe, has been handling about 30% more goods than usual, with businesses rushing to replenish stock after the end of lockdowns and building stockpiles before the end of the Brexit transition period.

The Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) has also reported that instead of taking one week to unload a container it was taking four and that as the high level of demand has prevented the building trade from stockpiling in the run-up to Brexit.

According to the British & Irish Association of Fastener Distributors, container return times to ports in all import markets have significantly increased, due to coronavirus-related shortages of vehicles and drivers.   Container shortages have also been exacerbated by the volumes of personal protection equipment being imported.

“If any of our customers have any questions, then please speak with our Customer Service team. We have been praised by many customers for our honesty when explaining the situation, even when the news is not always positive,” continues Michael.

“We are confident our long-term supply chain management and strategy is the right one. Supply has been affected but I would like to thank all of our merchant customers who have been patient as we work extremely hard to minimise the effect on them.”

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