Building a rural house using Dakea roof windows

Building a rural house using Dakea roof windows

The construction of a beautiful rural house in Lancashire was a labour of love by the owner and builder Steve Bleasdale – and Dakea was delighted to be part of the project.

After a successful career working in construction and aggregates, Steve Bleasdale understands what goes into building a dream home. So, when he started to plan a new house for his parents in the grounds of his home in Preesall, Lancashire, he had a clear vision of how the building should look. He was also sure that he didn’t want to compromise on any aspect of the build – and that included roof windows.

Steve’s vision was for a roomy and light-filled modern home that would be easy for his parents to navigate but without compromising on design. Steve worked with an architect to design and plan the stunning new build: “I knew I wanted the building, rather than dominating the area, to sit in harmony with the surrounding nature,” he told us. The house is built low in the dramatic Lancashire landscape, meaning it is completely surrounded by greenery.

He constructed the house over three floors. The lower storey is made up of a basement as well as a drive-in double space garage; stairs lead up to the first storey which includes a generously-sized kitchen and living space with bi-fold patio doors leading out onto a deck. The bedrooms on the top floor all have stunning views across the Lancashire countryside.

Steve was familiar with Dakea roof windows after they were used on a project he was involved in as part of his role as Commercial Manager at L & W Wilson (Endmoor). “Dakea was easy to work with and the price, quality and service were so impressive I knew it would be my first choice when I came to choose roof windows for the project.” The 20-year guarantee (the longest running guarantee on the market) was also important to him. He spoke to Dakea representative Sam Mason and together they chose the best Dakea windows for his project.

Their choices for the house were three Dakea Ultima Energy KEV P6A B1800 roof windows in the kitchen to ensure the room is full of light throughout the day. Two more KEV roof windows were also installed upstairs in the bedrooms. One Better Save KAV was installed for peace of mind. Steve also chose a more basic design from the Altaterra range of roof windows in the low-level garage and also opted for six roof window blinds.

Steve’s installation tips:

  • It pays to be prepared: ensure you have the right tools, enough installation time and always have help for lifting the roof window into place.
  • Take the time to choose the best roof window for a project. Do you or the homeowner want an easy-to-clean roof window or is energy efficiency or noise control most important? This will determine which roof window you choose.
  • Ensure you have enough light flooding into the home by checking that the visible pane surface area is equal to at least 10-15% of the floor space.
  • Employ the golden rule: measure twice, cut once.
  • It’s always a good idea to consider multiples of windows for improved ventilation – the more windows you have, the more controllable the flow of fresh air.
  • Take the height of the windows into account when choosing the right roof window – PVC is low maintenance so can be a good idea if the window is sitting high in the roof.
  • Once installation is complete, check the roof window can be opened and closed properly and is keeping moisture out.
  • Always speak to Dakea with any questions you have, they will be able to help.

Steve’s dream home is now near completion. “I couldn’t be happier with how the build worked out, including the Dakea windows,’ Steve says today as he looks forward to his parents’ moving into the beautiful new home. Dakea is always here to help, with online installation videos and a team always on hand to offer advice. To view a full library of instructional films on the company’s product range visit

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How can installing a roof window be made easier?

Dakea’s free installation accessories with our Ultima, Ultima Energy, Better Energy and Better Safe ranges include:

  • Underfelt Foil Collars which speed up installation by reducing the need for cutting and ensure 100% water tightness. It’s easy to fit and adjust and the squared surface will help you cut straight too.
  • Roofing Vapour Barrier Foil to ensure proper connection to the internal vapour barrier. The welded rubber gaskets with pressures seals mean quick installation and a vapour-free and airtight fit.

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