Condensate Pro launches new product to protect heat pumps

Condensate Pro launches new product to protect heat pumps

Professional Builder talks to Dave Smith, heating engineer and inventor of Condensate Pro, who has now launched a new product to protect heat pumps.

Professional Builder first featured Dave Smith when he launched Condensate Pro in 2019. Since we visited him, the product has gained popularity and now has a raft of endorsements from major boiler manufacturers, as increasing numbers of installers use the products and tools on new boiler installations or when upgrading condensate pipe protection when servicing their customers’ boilers.

The company has also made great strides in terms of distribution and is now available through most merchant companies across the UK. It’s a real success story, and is based on providing an easy-to-install, professional looking product that prevents condensate pipes freezing in low temperatures.

“6,000 boilers are fitted every working day and 70% of those installed in houses will have a condensate terminating externally,” explains Dave. “Condensate Pro was launched to help installers provide the best protection for condensate pipes, while ensuring the finish looks professional and complies with all manufacturers’ instructions, guidance and regulations.”

“It fits all types of installations including grate, rainwater soil pipe and soakaways, and the insulation and product are UV-stable and waterproof. It is also easy to maintain throughout the life of the boiler with a simple application of our water-based maintenance coat. This can be done when the boiler is being serviced every five to six years depending on location,” continues Dave.

Heat pumps

Dave has now developed ‘Primary Pro’, which includes bespoke 28mm x 19mm UV-stable and weatherproof insulation and a ‘Bond & Seal’ sealant. The product offers installers a quick, neat and cost effective way to provide the very best insulation on external heating pipework, improving the aesthetics and protection performance over traditional lagging or plastic boxing.

“Our products are ideal for use on the external pipework associated with air source heat pump installations. With more heat pump installations expected as the UK moves towards meeting its Net Zero targets, insulating and sealing the pipework is so important to make sure every bit of heat and energy is not wasted,” says Dave.

“Sealing joints and the holes through the fabric of the wall where the insulation enters into the building is as important as the insulation itself. The ‘Bond & Seal’ helps to seal all joints and the fabric of the wall, so installers can create perfect sleek, clean finishes, offering maximum protection and a beautifully finished look. It can be made in any weather, with easy-to-cut insulation that fits around valves and other fittings.

The ‘Primary Pro’ Insulation is for 28mm pipework and can be use with solder or press fit fitting 1m semi-rigid insulation pipes,. Each length of insulation is protected with a unique UV-stable and weatherproof coating, making it the perfect solution for external pipe protection. The insulation has been specially designed for easy cutting, mitring and bonding.

“The beauty of it is that it is so simple to maintain thought the life of the system by applying our water based maintenance coat as and when needed,” continues Dave.

“There is a real business opportunity here for installers as thousands of heat pumps look set to be installed in the coming months and years as the UK heads towards meeting its Net Zero targets.”

For more details on the company’s Primary Pro Products, and to watch a video of how to install them, visit

Condensate Pro was invented and founded as a company in 2019 by David Smith, a plumbing and heating engineer with decades of experience in the trade. The product is designed to help installers save time, cost and call-backs by protecting condensate pipes freezing in low temperatures.

Unlike other solutions which can weather, freeze and be time consuming to install, the solution gives a lasting, professional and aesthetically pleasing finish. Condensate Pro is made in Britain.

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