Bosch Professional BITURBO powers Red Bull Soapbox build

Bosch Professional BITURBO powers Red Bull Soapbox build

Bosch Professional has a big presence at this year’s brilliant Red Bull Soapbox at Alexandra Palace on July 3rd. Not only has Bosch Professional provided BITURBO power tools to build the course, but it’s also sponsored one of the feature obstacles, plus entered a soapbox in this one-of-a-kind event.

The idea of Red Bull’s Soapbox Race is for entrants to create the wackiest of rides that rely purely on gravity to propel them to the finish. The narrow, downhill course, 420 metres long with an incline of 8.5%, is jam-packed with jumps and obstacles, so many teams fail in this task – often in the most spectacular fashion.

Participants are scored on:

  • The teams of four big themselves up with a short performance at the start of their run.
  • The more outrageous the car the better – and the same goes for the teams.
  • Extra points for finishing fastest, but only if the driver is in the soapbox at the end.


Bosch BITURBO comes into its own

With the fast and light Bosch BITURBO range at their fingertips the Red Bull course builders have the ideal tools for the job. With just one high-performance ProCORE18V battery, the BITURBO Brushless tools unleash up to 2,000W of equivalent corded power allowing the Red Bull team to use the toughest materials in an outdoors scenario. All of the obstacles are built with timber, and the design and build process takes a couple of months. The obstacles are then transported to the event location, and the course built in just 48 hours ahead of the race.

The Red Bull build team will also be using the Bosch BITURBO tools to build a spectacular obstacle in the shape of the giant Bosch Professional GWX 18V-15 SC Angle Grinder. The sparks will fly, quite literally, as each soapbox zooms past.

The Bosch Engineering Group has also used the BITURBO power tools to build a soapbox to enter the race themselves. Rumour has it that it’ll be shaped like a GSB 18V-150 C Combi Drill. The team driver Martin Law will certainly have his hands full.

“Red Bull are perfect partners for Bosch Professional,” says Kate Pritchard, Bosch Professional Online User Marketing Manager. “Their soapbox race plays to the strengths of our BITURBO Brushless tools, providing high performance in an outdoor setting, with extreme build conditions and a tight deadline. And taking part in the event with our own Bosch Professional built soapbox has been a lot of fun for the team.”

Fancy winning a pair of tickets to the event? Bosch Professional are holding a competition on their Instagram channel @boschprouk.

You can also buy tickets to attend at:

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