Looking at the ProCORE18V powered Bosch BiTURBO range

Looking at the ProCORE18V powered Bosch BiTURBO range

In the last issue we looked at the journey towards advanced Bosch BiTURBO tools powered by ProCORE18V. Over the next few editions we’ll drill down further into the extensive range.

If you want a demonstration of what the combination of Bosch ProCORE18V batteries and BiTURBO tools can achieve, then the supremely powerful Bosch GSB 18V-150 C Combi is the perfect case in point. In fact, this – and the GSR and GSB 150 C drill drivers –
deliver 150Nm of maximum torque. Added to that is a range of impact wrenches that will offer up to 1,000Nm of power. The GDS 18V 1000 C Cordless Impact Wrench with 1,600Nm of break-away torque will, for instance, tackle the tightest bolts and has been described as a beast by tradespeople who’ve tried it.

The GSB 18V-150 C Cordless Combi Drill is the flagship of the range and can boast the most torque of any combi drill in the Bosch portfolio. Lightweight and balanced, with the right Bosch drill bit it will eat through any material, a point Chris Murray, Digital Power Tool Training Manager for the manufacturer – and expert in all things Bosch Professional – ably demonstrates by running the drill in a high draw application in the wrong gear – and still the tool drove through the material with ease.

Nor did a 150mm hole saw into board prove any problem. Helpfully, the latter attachment can be fixed and removed with the Bosch Power Change Plus Adapter. This quick-change system allows you to speedily remove the hole saw, an attachment which is inevitably prone to filling with material and requiring regular removal.

There’s brain here as well as brawn, with some clever electronics that includes Electronic Angle Detection. It’s a function that supports the user to screw and drill into inclined surfaces in a specific angle. The user can choose between the 45 and 60 degree preset angles, or enter a specific angle via the Bosch Toolbox App. An LED light at the top of the tool shows green when the tool reaches the set angle. The combination of Angle Detect, KickBack protection and sheer power makes this combi a formidable performer.


All that power and runtime means you need a charger that can keep up with the pace. Within the range, the GAX 18V-30 is a dual bay charger that will charge a 12 and 18V battery sequentially. Bosch also supplies the GAL 18V6-80 six port charger, which will hypercharge each of the six batteries sequentially up to 80%, and then top up each one in turn to its maximum.

The charger that until very recently had a claim to be recognised as the world’s fastest is the GAL 18V-160 C. Featuring 16 amp hours, it will charge a ProCORE18V battery from 0 to 80% in 32 minutes. It’s also a Bluetooth charger that connects to the Toolbox App. Using a smartphone you can then change the charging modes, making it slower or faster, and it will send notifications to your phone once charged. All Bosch battery cells are of the highest quality and sourced from the leading manufacturers, including Panasonic, Sanyo, and Samsung.


The Bosch product names all tell their own story and the eagle-eyed among you may well be wondering what the C denotes in the Bosch GSB 18V-150 C Combi. It does in fact indicate that it is a connected tool and machines with the latest technology, boasting increased levels of functionality but without a complex control panel on the unit itself.

Instead, it can all be accessed with the convenience of the Bosch Toolbox App on a smartphone. On the GDX 18V-210 C Professional Cordless Impact Driver/Wrench, three different speed settings can be selected, and the Soft Start can be activated or deactivated. It’s also possible to customise different modes according to the fixing, and the app will accommodate up to 50 individual profiles. End users can specify how long they want the tool to tighten a fixing for, for example, with the tool automatically stopping at the designated point, even with your finger still on the trigger.

For repetitive tasks – when you’re screwing screws and tightening bolts – it will eliminate any user error and provide accuracy and the best possible finish every time. Similarly, if the tool is in the hands of a less experienced employee or apprentice, it supports them with an electronic aid.

For further information on the Bosch Professional range of cordless combis visit Cordless combis Cordless tools (bosch-professional.com).

If it’s impact drivers and wrenches you’re interested in visit Cordless impact drivers/wrenches Cordless tools (bosch-professional.com).

More details on the Toolbox app can be found at Bosch Toolbox App | Bosch Professional (bosch-professional.com).

The Bosch Professional range of chargers can be found at Battery Packs and Chargers | Bosch Professional (bosch-professional.com).

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