Introducing Bosch Professional World: an online immersive experience

Introducing Bosch Professional World: an online immersive experience

Welcome to Bosch Professional World – an online immersive experience that allows users to get up close and personal with the manufacturer’s power tools, measuring tools and accessories.

Even in a world that has been becoming more digital for some time, customer experiences involving hands-on opportunities are arguably always the most powerful. However, the restrictions stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic have made this far more challenging than before. Accordingly, Bosch Professional has worked to create something it believes is “truly unique” to bring back the opportunity for UK tradespeople to get up close and personal with its products.

Using the latest scanning technologies, and innovative design platforms, it has built a ‘fully immersive’ virtual construction site, with Bosch Professional World featuring ‘hotspots’ that allow users to move through the experience, interacting with 3D tools along the way to find out detailed information and engage with dynamic content that shows each tool in action.

Users will have the opportunity to explore this online world and navigate between specific zones for Power Tools, Measuring Tools, and Accessories. In each zone it will be possible to interact with new products, learn more about their capabilities, and engage with a huge array of content designed to show the development process that goes into creating each tool to suit the needs of tradespeople and make them more efficient in their work.

For example, the Power Tools zone showcases what Bosch describes as the heroes of its BITURBO Brushless range and the dynamic ProCORE18V batteries that make this “extreme performance” possible. This zone also lets users pick out the perfect toolbox for key trades, with suggestions curated by Bosch.

In the Measuring Tools area, Bosch Professional demonstrate how its precise and durable tools can work efficiently even in the toughest jobsite conditions. Users can also discover the benefits that Green Laser Technology brings to jobsites with tools like the GCL 2-50 G Combi Laser.

Lastly, the Accessories zone showcases how professional users can maximise the potential of their tools with the company’s new Expert range. Many of the Expert Accessories utilise Carbide Technology which is said to offer proven performance advantages to ensure the most efficient working for demanding jobs. Indeed, Bosch states that these accessories can last up to 100x longer than standard bimetal accessories.

Kate Pritchard, User Marketing Manager at Bosch Professional, said: “The Bosch Professional World has been developed as an interactive construction site. It allows tradespeople to learn more about the Bosch Professional brand, and the innovations and technologies built into our tools, designed to help make tradespeople more efficient in their day-to-day work. You can find out about our latest products, enter competitions, and see live events with well-known tradespeople.”

In addition to launching its new online initiative and as alluded to above, Bosch has also provided more detail on its new Expert line of accessories. Said to cover the needs of all the major trades and provide solutions for the most demanding applications, the range offers over 1,000 products – Including innovative tile drill bits, reciprocating saw blades and jigsaw blades – which are claimed to come into their own “whenever conventional accessories reach their limits” thanks to the use of, for example, hard-wearing PVD-coated reciprocating saw blades with carbide technology and drill bits with extra-efficient asymmetric carbide tips.

Clearly detailed packaging is said to outline the advantages and key technologies which make the new line-up so efficient, ensuring tradespeople will be able to easily identify the product they need.


The company also announced additional developments to its battery technology platforms, further extending the benefits of using cordless tools. For example, it is accelerating the expansion of its two 18 V battery platforms whilst it is also cooperating with other renowned brands – most recently, Fein and Heraeus – to ensure that a “pile of incompatible batteries and chargers from different brands will be a thing of the past”.

With a focus on cordless innovations, Bosch also highlighted its Biturbo tools which are said to attain performance levels “previously reserved for corded tools” and cited the examples of its Biturbo GBH 18V-36 C Professional and GBH 18V-45 C Professional rotary hammers. Their specially developed, brushless high-performance motor has been “optimally coordinated with the electronics and battery” with the resulting drilling performance confirmed by an independent test institute and “regarded as a benchmark for cordless rotary hammers on the market”.

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