A closer look at Bosch Professional angle grinders

A closer look at Bosch Professional angle grinders

Continuing our look at some of the key innovations in power tools from Bosch Professional, we examine angle grinders

Amongst the extensive BiTURBO grinder offering are machines equipped with the X-LOCK system. For anyone familiar with Starlock for multi-tool blades, created from a collaboration with Bosch and Fein, the concept is a similar one. Where previously the changing of attachments would require a spanner, X-LOCK allows you to add and remove an attachment with a single click, with no additional tools and in as little as three seconds. In addition, the system will not allow directional blades to be fixed incorrectly, whilst X-LOCK discs will fit on any Bosch grinder.

One further advantage is accrued from eliminating the need for a nut to secure the blade – and that’s with X-BRAKE. This additional safety feature means that the tool disc will come to a stop within a second and is made possible by X-LOCK itself. On a traditional angle grinder, decelerating an angle grinder blade too quickly on a regular basis will eventually loosen the locking nut, with the potential hazard of the blade then falling off. X-LOCK prevents this from happening whilst also ensuring that the blade will stop instantly when you put the machine down.

A number of the BiTURBO grinders also feature paddle switches, which effectively provides the reassurance of a dead man’s switch – when you hold the switch the machine starts and when you let go it turns off. There are also a number of other safety features. The machines are, for example, equipped with KickBack Control. This makes use of an accelerometer that detects a sudden change in orientation and automatically switches off the machine, reducing the chance of kick back, and potential injury to the end user – or damage to a workpiece.

Similarly, Drop Control makes use of the same accelerometer technology in stopping the tool when it’s dropped. Connected tools will log the incidence of KickBack or Drop Control activation, so the owner of the tool will know if it’s being used incorrectly – or abused – when in the hands of an employee.


Compact disc

A relatively new machine introduced this year is the GWS 18V-180 PC. The P denotes the aforementioned paddle switch, but what makes it really interesting is its 180mm disc as opposed to a 115 or 125mm disc you would find on a smaller angle grinder. Because of the BiTURBO brushless technology, the head of the gearbox on this tool is smaller than it ordinarily would be on a large mains powered angle grinder. Indeed, it’s that gearbox that limits the maximum depth of cut to 59mm on a 2,400 watt, 230mm disc unit. On the 18V, 180mm disc, Bosch GWS 18V-180 PC with a smaller gearbox, however, that cut depth figure is extended to 61mm – which means it actually outperforms its corded compatriot.

Making the cut

In practice, what that delivers is the same cutting performance as a 230mm large angle grinder in an 18V cordless that’s 35 per cent lighter in weight. Whilst the UK market tends to be predominately a 115mm angle grinder one, a smaller machine that can punch above its weight is a useful addition to the Bosch portfolio and demonstrates the advantages and potential of the ProCORE18V and BiTURBO systems combined.

Continuing that theme, the top of the range GWX 18V-15 SC delivers 50% faster cutting and more metal removal than previous 18V cordless grinders from the same manufacturer. There’s three speeds, the slower for sanding and the higher for cutting. The shock absorbing handle will be welcome, and the guard is adjusted by a simple lever, with multiple locking points to find the right guard position.

Tradespeople will, no doubt be unaware that the EU regulations on angle grinders have changed. When you purchase an angle grinder you only typically get a grinding guard included but with Bosch a cutting guard accessory is also included in the box as standard.

Next month we take a look at mitre, table and plunge saws.

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