Automatic Vans: The Better Option?

Automatic Vans: The Better Option?

Automatic Vans are increasingly becoming a viable option for UK builders, here Wilsons Automobiles outlines some of the advantages to ‘going auto’. 

Let’s face it, if there’s an easier way of doing something, most people will at least give it some careful consideration. So, when it comes to your van, why would you not look for something that makes driving easier?

For example, Citroën and Peugeot have recently released automatic engines into the Dispatch and Expert medium vans respectively.

The automatic van market is sparsely populated with most vans on offer being smaller models such as the Citroën Berlingo, Peugeot Bipper and Volkswagen Caddy. However, with the release of the automatic Dispatch and Expert models, van buyers now have the choice of a new medium sized automatic van.

The advantages of driving an automatic van are similar to driving an automatic car. Firstly, automatics are easier to drive. Without the hassle of changing gears, you can give your full attention to the road, which is particularly helpful if you’re travelling in unfamiliar territory.

Urban and city driving also involves frequent gear changing as a result of having to stop at traffic lights and junctions – something that becomes a non-issue when driving an automatic.

With gear changes out of your hands, the van’s engine can perform to its maximum fuel efficiency.

It is programmed to choose the optimum time to make the shifts meaning that you will experience a smoother ride and more economical driving, which in turn means a higher mile per gallon (mpg) ratio and less time spent at the fuel pump.

If you’re running a business with numerous drivers and even multiple vans, having an automatic van means that absolutely anyone with a license can drive it. You might have employees that all have full driving licences now, but in the future, you may hire someone that is only able to drive automatics.

Thinking about selling a van before you’ve even bought it is a strange concept, but a van is an investment that will only depreciate. However, in the used market, automatic vans tend to have a higher resale value because of all the above points and the fact that there are fewer of them available, making them high in demand, but low in supply.

So, why should you buy an automatic Dispatch or Expert? Because they are both built by PSA, they are essentially the same van, like the C1 and 108 city cars.

Both vans have been redesigned with new front faces characteristic of their manufacturers, but with the same short, high bonnet and low windscreen that provides added driver visibility and excellent space for additional gadgets such as smartphone holders and dash cams.

They come with a new range of engines that are guaranteed to deliver high performance efficiency. The award-winning BlueHDi technology meets the latest Euro 6 emissions standards in either 1.6L or 2.0L giving you the choice depending on the jobs you need it to do. Fuel efficiency is as high as 54.3mpg and all automatic engines come with Start & Stop technology.

The Dispatch and Expert are available in three lengths, starting at 4.6m and stretching to 5.3m, the middle van provides 4.95m. The smallest version can still carry loads up to 1400kg and all lengths stand at 1.9m tall which makes it much easier to gain underground car park access while still providing plenty of space for your tools and materials.

The load area is easily accessible with twin sliding side doors as well as double doors at the back. In the cabin there are three spacious seats, plenty of cubby holes for lunch, wallets and unnecessary junk as well as an eight-litre storage space under the two passenger seats.


Connectivity is not a problem with Bluetooth available on higher specifications as well as AUX, USB and 12V ports as standard. In the highest specification level, you receive a rear parking camera, front and rear parking sensors, coffee break alert and air conditioning.

Prices start at just £16,999 for Citroën Dispatch and Peugeot Expert automatic vans at Loads of Vans in North Cheam. These vans usually take 12 weeks to deliver from factory order, but Loads of Vans have various models and colours in stock now. You can contact them on 0208 644 4000 to talk to them about their current stock and personalised finance lease quotes.

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