DI-WHY? Story Time: company sued! 28th January 2022

DI-WHY? Story Time: company sued! 28th January 2022

First there was DI-WHY?, then there was the Before and After series and now we’re introducing our NEW spin off, Story Time!

Over the past few years DI-WHY? has been extremely popular with our audience, from the readers of our magazine to our community on social media. We’re constantly being sent pictures and videos of DIY disasters that tradespeople are called in to fix. After spending years highlighting the laughable work done by homeowners we decided it was time to showcase the fantastic work that tradespeople do to fix it and this is how, in 2021, the Before and After series was born. Since then we have noticed that there has been many times where the moment hasn’t been captured by an image but every tradesperson has a story to tell and this is when we decided to introduce our spin off, Story Time.

Story Time gives you the chance to share your experiences, both good and bad, with your fellow tradies. Tell us about accidents in the workplace, the shocking work of cowboy builders that you’ve managed to fix or about a project you’re proud of!

After our recent plea for DI-WHY? disasters, Jennifer, a decorator from our Twitter community, told us a story about a time where she got injured because of poor work that was done on a house she was decorating…

Share your story!

We would love to hear all about your days at work, from your latest success to shocking finds. Send your stories to probuildonline@gmail.com or tag us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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