Interior decorating and refurbishment products – December 2021

Interior decorating and refurbishment products – December 2021


With different grip options, a brush magnet, and a mini roller ramp, the Purdy Pail paint bucket could be a versatile addition to a decorator’s tool set. There’s coffee-cup style adjustable hand grip for pouring and holding, and a flexible bail handle for general carrying. The latter feature has been manufactured to fit securely onto a ladder hook whilst there’s the added convenience of a side mini roller rest.


The patented features on the ToughBuilt Scraper Utility Knife allows users to quickly flip between a utility knife and a scraper with the flick of a thumb. As a utility knife it can be used to cut all manner of materials whilst as a scraper it can be used to remove paint, sealants, putty, adhesives and labels from various surfaces including windows, mirrors and tiles.


All the power of corded sprayers with the freedom of cordless is how Graco is describing its GX21 Cordless and Classic 390 PC Cordless airless paint sprayers. The GX21 is designed for smaller residential renovation and new-build projects, and will professionally apply both water- and oil-based materials, including interior paints, primers, stains, acrylic paints, enamels, and latex.


An organisational storage system for professional painting tools, the Purdy Painter’s Backpack includes a pocket for roller frames and sleeves up to 18”. There’s also an external extension pole compartment, as well as slots for prep tools and a multitude of brushes. What’s more, there are external compartments and clips for personal items, water bottles; and an external USB connector to keep devices charged.


Part of Geocel’s comprehensive Mates range, Painters Mate Ultra Fine Filler is a ready to use, fast drying compound that delivers a smooth finish. Its lightweight formulation can be overpainted in just five minutes and can be used on most building substrates, including wood, stone, concrete, metal and plastic. The product is available in white; and in either 500ml or 1ltr containers.


Give PVCu front doors a new lease of life with Frenchic Furniture Paint Al Fresco. The durable chalk paint is both weatherproof and UV resistant, so you can even spruce up garden furniture whilst you’re at it. The easy-to-use paint requires simple preparation, is self-priming, self-sealing and self-levelling.


Dulux is celebrating its 90th birthday with a glossy book that charts the evolution of domestic decorating and interior design over the decades. All proceeds from the sale of Dulux 90 will go directly to three chosen charities – The Outward Bound Trust, Rainy Day Trust and Old English Sheepdog Rescue & Welfare. The book is available via the link below.


A fibre reinforced, flexible, fast drying floor levelling compound, Setcrete High Performance provides a durable surface that is ‘walk on’ hard after 1 – 2 hours, and is suitable for application over plywood, as well as concrete and sand/cement screeds. The compound dries to create a super smooth, hard-wearing surface.


Permanent stain blocking can be achieved with the HB42 PS1 Primer-Sealer Stain Block premium white shellac primer-sealer. PS1 is suitable for interior surfaces and to ‘spot’ exterior surfaces. Providing a rapid matt finish that covers stains in one coat, it is suitable for use on all interior woodwork, plaster, glossy and hard to paint surfaces such as tiles, varnish, or gloss paints.


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