WIN an Eclisse Plain Satin Glass Pocket Door

WIN an Eclisse Plain Satin Glass Pocket Door

With an increase in spending on home renovations, now is the time to investigate pocket doors, argues Eclisse

Last year 60 per cent of the UK adult population found themselves working from home and homeowner spending shifted towards home improvements. The housing market was boosted due to stamp duty relief, and a survey done at the time stated two-fifths of people said they would prioritise space for a home-office if they were purchasing a new home. Other reports stated that adding a home-office could increase the value of your property by 8-10 per cent in the current market.

So, 2020 saw homeowners looking at a variety of options from buying a new house with home-office space, to setting up a home-office in a garden room or in an existing spare room or cornering off areas of their property to create a suitable working space.

Space, light and privacy are key components in creating a productive home-office. One way to maximise space in a room is to replace a traditional hinged door with a sliding pocket door. Traditional hinged doors have a ‘dead zone’, the arc of space required to swing open a door. This is space that cannot be used. Because pocket doors are top hung and the door slides back into a pocket in the wall, alternative layouts suddenly become possible.

With a pocket door you can gain up to 8 per cent of additional space. It can make the difference between being able to have a larger desk, adding more storage or even to change the layout so the desk faces the window! These things can make a huge difference to the overall working environment.

A glass pocket door can impact not only space but also the light in a room. Eclisse Glass Pocket Door Systems are tempered to European standards and come in a variety of shapes and sizes starting from the 8mm range in two popular styles – satin and satin striped with a stainless-steel round handle. The satinated finish is achieved by acid etching the surface of the glass door panel so that it becomes translucent and thus offers privacy whilst still letting light through. With the 10mm glass door range the choice of possible patterns, designs and colours is almost limitless and a range of handles and locks are also available.

Double pocket doors are an easy way to open up and close off space. So for home owners that are working from the dining room table in an open plan space using pocket doors as a room divider between the dining room and the kitchen or the dining room and the sitting room it is a great solution.

Eclisse pocket door systems offer a quick-win for any home-owner frustrated with their home-office space. They are reliable, easy to fit and come with a great 15-year guarantee.

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The Eclisse Classic Single Pocket Door System has been thoughtfully designed to make installation a straightforward job. It is simply a case of building the frame by clicking together the metal sections and inserting only eight screws. To find out just how easy it is watch this video guide-


One lucky reader can win a Single 8mm Plain Satin Glass Pocket Door courtesy of Professional Builder. It is available in two sizes (762mm x 1,981mm OR 826mm x 2,040mm) with included Chrome Flush Pull Handle.

Our Eclisse 8mm Glass Pocket Doors are a perfect way to maximise natural light, save space and add a stylish addition to any home. Finish interiors off with a high quality, elegant glass pocket door including everything you need for a professional finish. Easy and quick to install, space saving and practical = the perfect solution!

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