Tackle it with Thompson’s: Water Seal plus you could win a Makita radio!

Tackle it with Thompson’s: Water Seal plus you could win a Makita radio!

In the first instalment of a new series, Chris Fletcher, Technical Services Chemist at Thompson’s looks at a firm favourite – Thompson’s Water Seal.

This product has a well-deserved reputation for preventing water penetration and freeze thaw damage in brick, concrete and stone. If water seeps into these materials, it can cause issues like damp and mould that, if left untreated, could lead to significant structural damage. It is most commonly used on buildings and other structures like low walls in the garden – especially surfaces that are exposed to the elements like hard driving rain.

How to apply it

It is important to make sure the surface is clear of dirt and contaminants. If this stage is missed, you run the risk of the solution not properly adhering to the surface – and this may cause it to shift and crack.

We recommend using a stiff wire brush to remove any loose debris like dust, moss, and cement. Alternatively, for larger surfaces, a jet washer can be used. Next, Thompson’s Advanced Brick and Mortar Cleaner should be applied to to remove dirt, grime, efflorescence and limescale. After 15 minutes, the product should be washed off and the surface left to dry.

It is important to make sure that the surface is completely dry before the seal is applied as the product will lock in any moisture and this could cause damp and mould growth. Applying onto a dry surface will also avoid any cracking or flaking and ensure a good quality, long-lasting finish. To apply, use a brush, roller or sprayer and always let the first coat dry completely before adding the second.

Alternatively, for an even faster solution, a One Coat Water Seal can be applied in the same way. As the name suggests, just one coat will offer protection against rain damage – keeping time on site to an absolute minimum. When using a One Coat Water Seal, always make sure the entire surface has been coated and no small patches have been missed by mistake.

The benefits of water-based

The resins in water-based products mean that our Water Seal can dry within just two hours – so the second coat can be applied on the same day. Water-based products also emit lower VOC levels. These are organic chemicals that evaporate from the surface and enter into the surrounding air. They give off a strong smell and can even cause reactions such as eye, nose, and throat irritation.

Finally, water-based products make cleaning down tools much quicker and easier. Unlike solvent-based alternatives, these products can be washed off the brush simply by using soapy water and any residue is safe to dispose of down the drain.

A finish that lasts

To ensure UV protection, alternative products will often have pigments within their formulation that mean the product is not completely clear. We have developed technology that offers UV protection without compromising on the clear finish, so you can offer customers a long-lasting and durable solution.

To find out more about Thompson’s and its wide range of waterproofing products visit thompsonsweatherproofing.co.uk/

Win a Makita radio!

Thompson’s is giving five lucky winners the chance to get their hands on a prize bundle, including a Makita MR052 Cordless Radio and some Thompson’s goodies. To win, answer the question in the form below.


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