Modernising properties with the Dulux Weathershield range and you could WIN!

Modernising properties with the Dulux Weathershield range and you could WIN!

With the Dulux Trade Weathershield range there are any number of ways you can modernise the exterior of a client’s property.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a home’s exterior. It transforms a tired looking house into a stunning property that looks like it’s a new build. And rejuvenates old, worn-out walls with sleek, contemporary lines and a simple, modern feel. But only if you choose the right colours. If your clients want to modernise the exterior of their home, they’ll likely look to you for advice and guidance. With over 600 shades to choose from in the Dulux Trade Weathershield range, it’s easy to deliver that contemporary look with these three tips.

Keep masonry colours simple 

The key to a modern exterior is simplicity, particularly in what’s usually the largest block of colour – the masonry. To achieve that contemporary feel you need to go classic, think classic neutral colours – greys and whites – that will suit practically any home.

It’s a timeless look – and our Timeless soft creamy white Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry Paint makes for the perfect background. Or if you want to avoid white, opt for a clean stone colour, like Mossy Shore and Perfectly Taupe, or a crisp grey like Polished Pebble or Lunar Grey.

Don’t be afraid of the dark

With an unfussy, light base colour, you’ll have lots of flexibility with other parts of the exterior. And one of the best ways to bring that contemporary look to any property is to contrast completely and go dark. It might seem bold to clients, but rich dark colours really accentuate that clean, simple masonry colour.

So, for any timber cladding or wooden trim, consider embracing the dark side. It will really help you create a modern, moody feel for your client’s home, which is why you’ll find shades like Thunder Clouds, Almost Black, Palm Night and Noble Grey in our range. With the right complementary colours, even a Rich Black shade wouldn’t go amiss when you’re aiming for ultra-modern.

Go bold (in moderation) 

Matching light, neutral colours with dark moody ones will create a sleek, clean exterior befitting of any modern home, but for that true 21st century feel, you’ll need to add a splash of colour. And it should be a big, bold, dramatic splash too.

As long as you’re just focused on small areas – like doors and window frames – then the sky’s the limit with the colour choice here. It will come down to your client’s personal choice as to whether they want to make a statement with bright reds – like Pepper Red or Redcurrant Glory, or bold blues – such as Indigo Shade or Teal Tension.

Anything that goes ‘pop’ will really stand out on doors and window frames, adding a vibrant touch to really modernise a home’s exterior.

Help your client find those finishing touches 

The tips above will help you effortlessly modernise a home’s exterior, but if you want to take things a step further and really impress your client, then make sure you have some contemporary finishing touches to recommend.

For doors, you might like to suggest replacing handles, knockers and letter boxes with sleek chrome options that will accent the bold colour choice.

Outdoor lighting might need to be updated too, so be sure to have a few contemporary examples to recommend that will show your client you know exactly how to create a modern home.

To browse the full selection of modern colours in the Dulux Trade Weathershield range, and for more information on the paint, visit


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