Vouchers up to £10,000 for homeowners to make energy efficient upgrades

Vouchers up to £10,000 for homeowners to make energy efficient upgrades

Strength in stone

The launch of the Green Homes Grant is giving homeowners in England the opportunity to receive a voucher worth up to £5,000 or £10,000 to make energy efficiency upgrades to their homes.

Giving registered TrustMark installers the opportunity to get ahead of the competition and increase business, the Green Homes Grant is set to provide builders with a chance to generate more sales. More than this, by choosing a premium solution that adds value to the project, builders can boost overall reputation by choosing stone wool insulation for loft applications.

Upgrading efficiency

One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve energy efficiency for customers in the Green Homes Grant is to insulate a loft. Not only meeting the requirements of the grant but a loft insulation project can have many hidden benefits that make a big difference.

This is why it is important to remember that not all insulation is the same…

Within the Green Homes Grant, homeowners will be relying on builders to advise and guide on the best product for the application. This presents builders with an opportunity to add value to a project by sharing best practice and encouraging homeowners to make the best decisions.

With this in mind, the natural choice for insulation is stone wool – making homes safer, warmer and quieter…

Why stone wool?

As a natural product, stone wool offers more than just energy efficiency. Embracing the power of stone in all its insulation materials, ROCKWOOL’s non-combustible stone wool solutions can add value to insulation projects by making homes safer and instilling peace of mind in performance.

As a part of the trade insulation range, ROCKWOOL’s Thermal Insulation Roll is a simple and effective product that is easy to work with and install – allowing installers to complete more projects, to a high standard.

More than this, Thermal Insulation Roll’s impressive acoustic properties can also add value by preventing unwanted noise from entering a home.

ROCKWOOL stone wool is highly resilient, durable and dimensionally stable. Taking its strength from stone, Thermal Insulation Roll has been manufactured for longevity – providing an insulation performance which will remain unchanged during the lifetime of the house.

The Green Homes Grant presents installers with a huge opportunity to generate sales and help to make customers’ green homes, dream homes. Competing on quality rather than cost is one way that TrustMark installers can stand out from the competition and transform projects from energy efficiency upgrades to a safe and comfortable living space.

Make ROCKWOOL Thermal Insulation Roll your preferred insulation of choice and get ahead with ROCKWOOL. To find out more, please visit rockwool.co.uk/green-homes-grant-scheme/installer/

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