Klober Survey Update!

Klober Survey Update!

Last month Professional Builder ran a survey on behalf of Klober, asking you to tell us a little about the roofing products you use on a regular basis. 

As a thank you, Klober gave away 25 branded fleeces to 25 lucky winners. We are delighted to congratulate the following winners, who will be receiving their prize in the post shortly!

The Winners are:

Marc Jackson
Fraser Marshalsey
Ian Lewis
Iain Atkinson
Ryan Simpson
Dean from DMG Roofing
Andrew Frayling
Lee Kennedy
Jaydon Lee
Allan Rennie
Mike Thomas
Ryan Swain
Christian Belsham
Daniel Turner
Lee Butterworth
Sean Clarke
Desmond Cass
Nigel Bemand
Paul Statham
J L Brand
Tom Vinall
Matthew Winter
Tony Smith
Chris Graham
Brian Motley

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