Watch: Installing CaberShieldPlus Chipboard Flooring

Watch: Installing CaberShieldPlus Chipboard Flooring

Based on Norbord’s popular moisture-resistant Caberfloor P5 tongue-and-groove particleboard flooring panel, CaberShieldPlus is specially designed to withstand exposure to wet conditions.

Yet, unlike Norbord’s other protected flooring product CaberDek, which features a peel-able film on the top surface, CaberShieldPlus has protection on both sides, not just the exposed upper surface.

The top surface features a permanent non-slip coating that not only prevents damage to the board but also ensures a safe working platform.

The underside is protected with the smooth coating that not only protects against damage but also makes the board easy to slide into position. For added durability, the coating applied to CaberShieldPlus is not designed to be peeled off after completion but is bonded permanently on both sides of the panel and waterproof.

With CaberShieldPlus, fast-track build programmes won’t be derailed by rain, sleet or snow. BBA-approved for up to 42 days’ continuous exposure to the elements when used with Caberfix D4 adhesive, the new board lets builders carry on building even with the roof off.

The easy-to-handle 2,400mm x 600mm tongue-and-grooved panels are available in 18mm and 22mm thicknesses and are colour-coded to make it easy to identify the top surface.

Ideal for domestic new-build and refurbishment projects, as well as many commercial applications, CaberShieldPlus is delivered in packs of 80 (18mm gauge) or 66 (22mm).

Watch the board being installed below.

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