Toupret: Fill the Difference

Toupret: Fill the Difference

Jim Newark of Toupret explains why his company’s new range of skim fillers is a welcome breath of fresh air for homeowners and decorators alike.

Whether it is at a workplace, at school or at home, the average person spends more than 80 per cent of their time indoors.

Yet the air we breathe, especially in the colder months with all the doors and windows closed, is often more polluted, and sometimes up to ten times more, than anything the great outdoors can throw at us. This is a growing key public health issue.

The principal protagonist is Formaldehyde, which has recently been classified as CMR in Europe and carcinogenic by the World Health Organisation.

It is to be found in a multitude of manufacturing processes, many of which end up in the home and will come as a major surprise to unsuspecting inhabitants.

For instance, chemicals given off by something as innocuous as scented candles and similar plug-in devices, as well as most household cleaning products result in increased levels of formaldehyde when they react with air trapped inside the property.

A recent paper, produced as a result of tests carried out by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of York, confirms the risks of long term exposure to this toxic gaseous substance, increasing the risk of allergies and certain cancers particularly in the nose and throat.

Many of the test’s conclusions are in line with Toupret’s own external laboratory (Europfins) findings and have led to the development of a breakthrough product range to reduce this pollutant and provide clean air throughout the building.

Toupret’s first range of decontaminating skimming fillers contains the active registered Saneo formulation.

This is guaranteed to capture and destroy up to 100 percent of formaldehyde molecules present in indoor air 24 hours after application, and to release clean air. And it continues to perform the same function for the filler’s lifetime, even after being painted or covered by wallpaper.

If combined with a decontaminating paint it reinforces its effectiveness and gives lasting peace of mind to the occupiers.

PLANEO G with Saneo
This product successfully achieves perfect finishes when manually skim filling walls and ceilings prior to painting or wallcovering.

Perfect for renovation and new work and especially useful for the tradesperson who needs to quickly patch areas where traditional plastering is not cost effective. It is quick to apply and can be used on painted surfaces and plasterboard.

Airspray Finish with Saneo
This is an airless spray product that requires no trowelling. Also its machine flow of 2.6 litres per minute combined with a tip size of 4.19 means it can be put through smaller, more cost effective spray machines.

Perfect white and easy to sand, no troweling is required and painting can take place after 24 hours.

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