Tools, Equipment, Workwear and Product Round-Up 27/07

Tools, Equipment, Workwear and Product Round-Up 27/07

Rounding up the latest tools, equipment, workwear and general building products on the market.

Bosch GCL 2-50 C and CG combi lasers

Bosch Professional has announced that its new GCL 2-50 C and CG combi lasers, featuring Bosch connectivity, are now ready to buy.

With their smart functions and simple, precise, long-range operation, Bosch expects these products to become indispensable go-everywhere tools for builders, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other tradespeople.

Bluetooth connection allows them to be controlled remotely via a smartphone with the Bosch Toolbox app, or using a remote control unit. By combining the remote levelling app and Bosch RM 3 Professional multi-functional motorised rotating mount, positional adjustments can be made with millimetre precision.

Vertical and horizontal laser lines, extending almost 360°, can be aligned around centered plumb points which are projected sharply onto the floor and ceiling. This allows pinpoint accuracy when transferring reference points.

Diagonal alignment, for fittings such as stair handrails, is simplified by an incline function, and all tasks benefit from an intuitive user interface which can be operated with one hand.

For improved visibility the CG model with green laser light can be chosen. Its visible line range is up to 20 metres, and with a laser receiver the working range is 50 metres.

These combi lasers can be conveniently powered by a rechargeable 12 V lithium-ion battery or non-rechargeable AA batteries. They are built to last, with an IP54 sealed housing and a pendulum lock which ensures safe transportation and storage.

Draper Venom  Handsaw Range

The Venom range of saws now features a brand new double ground floorboard saw and a special 3 pack of double ground handsaws.

The new Draper Venom double ground floorboard saw has saw blades manufactured from high quality carbon steel, that have been hardened, tempered, straightened and stress relieved to ensure strength and straightness.

This saw also features a toothed curved blade end to allow the cutting of already laid floorboards, when there is no edge from which to start.

It delivers faster cutting with optimal sawdust removal in both forward and reverse motions. The finely ground blade is coated with an ultra-tough lacquer to protect the blade from corrosion and ease friction when sawing. There is an ergonomic soft grip handle which guarantees user comfort, even when used for prolonged periods of time.

Also new to the Draper Venom range is a convenient set of Double Ground Handsaws, that’s suitable for a range of trades and tasks. This set of three 500mm saws includes two 8PPI first fix saws and a 12PPI second fix saw. The combination of first and second fix saws in one useful set makes it a popular choice for the trade, coming in handy throughout the construction process.

Dr. Martens Hyten S1P Safety Boots

Dr. Martens has championed safety and worker welfare since 1960, when the first pair of 1460 boots rolled off the production line at its original Cobbs Lane factory, Northamptonshire, England.

Drawing on over half a century of shoe-making expertise, and in celebration of their 57th birthday, Dr. Martens unveils a modern update to the original Icon 7B10 work boot – launching the brand new HYTEN S1P. Designed for men and women that want to look good and work hard.

Providing comfort and protection; the boots are constructed with soft milled leather uppers and engineered with an internal steel toe cap (conforming to and exceeding European Standard), anti-static properties, and an anti-penetration midsole.

The HYTEN S1P is a further evolved style of the existing Black 7B10 safety boot. With their trademark yellow stitch and grooved sole and heel-loop, both styles encapsulate the origin of Dr. Martens when it launched in 1960.

Hultafors’ New Knives and Hand Axes

With a selection of toughened, corrosion-proof heavy duty knives, safety knives, chisel knives and utility knives for general purpose tasks on site, there’s also precision products for electricians, plumbers and painters.

The latest additions to the range are the Outdoor Knives for tougher tasks on-site or for those who need a cutting-edge companion out in the bush.

They’re all are ergonomically designed with comfortable, secure grips and, made from the highest quality Japanese steel, which is honed and sharpened for durability, effectiveness and to withstand corrosion.

Hultafors Hand Axes for Felling, Carpentry and Trekking activities are all hand-forged with dense, steel heads and hickory handles. They’re all top quality products, highly durable – suitable for small-scale felling, lopping branches or clearing bushes and brushwood.

Makita TD111D Impact Driver

The Makita 10.8v CXT tool range is growing in popularity, driven by the compact size and low weight advantages combined with outstanding performance and durability.

The new Makita TD111D impact driver with brushless motor delivers 135Nm of tightening torque, yet weighs just 1.1kgs with an overall length of only 135mm from chuck to back of body.

The impact driver will deliver up to 3,900 impacts per minute in high-mode with capacity to drive home an M14 bolt. This compact machine features the latest A-mode impact operation, which drives the fixture slowly to begin with until the thread tightening reacts when the full power is switched on to drive the fastening home.

This mode eliminates screw cam-out and cross threading which causes the fixing to fail. In addition, the TD111D has the variable speed trigger, electric brake, soft grip handle and LED job light.

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