Tibby Singh reviews the Quik Drive system from Simpson-Tie

Tibby Singh reviews the Quik Drive system from Simpson-Tie

Professional Builder’s Tibby Singh is ‘Quik’ on the uptake with Simpson Strong-Tie.

Simpson Strong-Tie has been going strong for over 60 years and if you’re a carpenter you’ve inevitably used the manufacturer’s connectors from either joist brackets or wall ties. The company provides more than 1,000 products and offers the widest connector range in Europe.

What I didn’t know was that Simpson Strong-Tie also supplies a range of Quik Drive Tools, for various applications, a range of screw sizes and different materials. It certainly makes sense to provide an adaptor to complement the fixings, which then makes for a complete system.

The QD76KE Multi-Purpose Attachment is suitable to drive screws ranging from 25mm to 76mm in length. The future of screwing into plasterboard, flooring, decking and other applications is the collated screwdriver system. This innovation is a significantly faster way to install screws, and that’s exactly what this Quik Drive adaptor does – it converts your drill into a collated screwing system.

This is an adaptor that goes onto the end of a drywall driver, and it’s a simple system with only a few set-up steps. Firstly, there is an option to purchase the Quik Drive with a drill, which will include all the correct adaptors. However, if you opt to get the system separately all you need to do is remove the nose cone and bit holder and replace it with a Quik Drive adaptor made for the screw gun.

Then it has a mandrel, which is a long bit holder, and you’ll need to ensure you have the correct bit in. Normal bits cannot be used, as these lock into position ensuring they won’t fall out. Don’t worry, you won’t need any additional tools to take the bit out, because there’s a release key located on the side of the auto feed attachment. So, you won’t be losing that either.

Once the mandrel is inserted, you simply slide the auto feed attachment and snap it into place. It allows you to turn the attachment 360 degree for a personalised comfortable setting. So, it really is plug and play. Depth adjustment is covered with a wheel located at the top of the attachment. It’s cleverly designed to lock into place, which provides the assurance that it’s not accidentally going to change position.

Inserting the strip of screws into the auto feed attachment is very much akin to any other system, but you may need to change the nose piece at the end depending on the size of the screw. This is just a twist and pull system so, again, nothing complicated. I must mention that this attachment is incredibly low maintenance and in fact it doesn’t require any maintenance because it’s manufactured containing PTFE which reduces friction and has non-stick properties, meaning no lubrication is required either.

Screwing into floors can be a ponderous task and I don’t know anyone who loves to be on their hands and knees all day long and that’s certainly not good for your back or knees. Quik Drive have your back covered, because they also have an extension pole that can be attached to the drill in the same way. This improves ergonomics with massive health and safety benefits. I expected this to be big and bulky, but it’s very small in diameter which also helps with accuracy when screwing. It also has a handle which can be locked into various positions for your own comfort.

For further information on the Quik Drive system from Simpson-Tie visit https://www.strongtie.co.uk/en-UK/product-lines/nails-and-screws/quik-drive-systems

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