Tibby Singh reviews the latest waterproof protection from Dickies

Tibby Singh reviews the latest waterproof protection from Dickies

Tibby Singh is home and dry with the latest in waterproof protection from Dickies Workwear.

Just about everyone has heard of Dickies Workwear, but something that you might not know – as I certainly didn’t – is that the company began with bib-overalls in 1922, and were known as Williamson-Dickie. Since then, they have become one of the biggest workwear brands, and even I’m struggling to keep up with all the latest garments they’re introducing. No one looks forward to working outside in the rain, but sometimes it’s imperative to get the job at hand done. So, when I received the new Dickies Generation Waterproof Jacket, I was intrigued to see if it performs as well as its name suggests. The first thing I needed to do was to pick a rainy day – which wasn’t hard to do.

Its main feature is that it has waterproof fabric to 10,000mm. Now this didn’t mean much to me but, after some research, I found it means the fabric can withstand 10,000mm of water pressure. This rating is suitable for avid skiers, snowboarders and mountaineers. This new Advanced Weatherproof Technology has reached new heights and on top of being waterproof it’s also windproof yet breathable. This is a breath of fresh air because some waterproofs feel like their suffocating your body and, even if the rain doesn’t get you, will drench you from condensation.

It has many other tricks up its sleeve, such as tapered cuffs, that prevent water from penetrating back into the arm. The centre full zip means it can be put on and taken off as quick as a magician. It has two larger than average, side entry pockets from which you could pull a rabbit out of. To top it off, it also has a convenient chest pocket to conceal other paraphernalia. As the days are shorter we barely see daylight, but the jacket has reflective transtat tape for reflectivity in low light, so you can’t do any disappearing acts. The Dickies Generation Waterproof Jacket is available in three colors, Black, Navy Blue and Grey. So the next time the sky clouds over and the heavens open up, it’s not just perfect weather for the ducks.

Waterproofs play an important part of keeping you dry. However, it’s also paramount that you also wear the correct base layers to keep yourself warm. Dickies also have this covered with their Atwood Long Sleeved T-Shirt, which is a close fit making it fit for this purpose. It has splendid comfort courtesy of spandex in its construction.

Trousers are probably Dickies more popular garments and one of the latest additions is the Dickies FLEX GDT Premium Trousers. As well as being flexible they are certainly durable, thanks to the excessive use of CORDURA on the cargo pockets, hemguards and knee pads. CORDURA has high tensile strength fibres that will withstand long term wear. It could take a while before these are worse for wear.

Finally another garment I got to step into was Dickies New Medford Safety Boots. Not only are these super smart but offer superior comfort. The composite toe-cap makes it feel like you’re wearing day-to-day shoes. These also have waterproof and thermal properties, keeping your feet dry and warm. Even after a long day you won’t have to put your feet up.

For further information on Dickies visit https://www.dickiesworkwear.com/uk

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