Talon’s EZ Joist Clips look to make installations easier and safer

Talon’s EZ Joist Clips look to make installations easier and safer

Designed for installing pipework in awkward spaces, Talon’s EZ Joist Clips aim to transform the way plumbing and heating professionals run pipes and cables onto joists, offering a safe and easy install with convenience and reliability.

Manufactured in the UK, these high-quality polypropylene clips enable quick and effortless installation, saving installers significant time and effort during their projects. The EZ Joist Clip range caters to pipe sizes commonly used in plumbing and heating applications, including clips suitable for 15mm and 22mm pipe diameters. They can also be used when running cables.

The EZ Joist Clips feature a push-fit mechanism, allowing pipes to be easily secured in place without the need for additional tools or fixings. This streamlined installation process ensures a secure and reliable connection, eliminating the risk of pipe movement or dislodgement. For safer installation, the clips can be attached side-on rather than above your head, or upside down; each method ensuring a professional finish and peace of mind for both the installer and end-user. All sizes of clip can be connected together via the dovetail and are available in a natural white or black.

From residential installations to commercial projects, Talon’s EZ Joist Clips offer a versatile solution for all plumbing and heating needs.

For more information on Talon and its wide range of pipe clips and plumbing accessories, visit www.talon.co.uk 

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