Stabila launches next generation of electronic spirit level

Stabila launches next generation of electronic spirit level

Stabila, designers and manufacturers of exceptionally high-quality precision measuring equipment, has launched two new electronic spirit levels – the TECH 196 DL and the TECH 196M DL.  

Highly efficient, extremely precise, easy to handle and robust, the new generation of electronic spirit levels from Stabila is fit for all challenges faced every day on building sites and in assembly practices and can easily withstand contact with water, dirt and vibrations. Both models have two digital displays that can be read off perfectly in any situation, promptly showing the measurements of inclinations, slopes and angles. Numerous improvements on the previous generation mean that it can complete common measurements particularly quickly and efficiently.  

  • Ideal for measurements for inclinations, slopes and angles 
  • A model with a rare-earth magnet system 
  • High measurement accuracy, many functions 
  • Extra-compact design for short building components 

Broad range of applications

The new electronic spirit levels from Stabila are designed for a wide range of measurement tasks. The TECH 196 DL model is particularly suitable for taking exact measurements in carpentry, joinery, kitchen installation, stair installation and civil engineering. It is also ideal for architects to check completed work, for example when reviewing the slope of a balcony. In gardening and landscaping, it is the perfect aid when laying a garden path with slopes. The TECH 196M DL model has an extra strong rare-earth magnet, making it especially suitable for metal construction, metalwork and concrete formwork. The user thus always has free hands to align and adjust the relevant parts, pillars and supports. 

Optimal protection and no calibration required 

The new electronic spirit levels are protected to IP 67 against dust and water – so well that they can even be temporarily submerged – for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one metre (ULTRA-PROTECT). Another plus point is that dirty buttons can be easily cleaned after work is complete, thanks to the robust membrane keyboard. 

They are CAL-FREE to make it as easy as possible for the professional to use the electronic measuring tools. This means that it is not necessary to calibrate the electronics during everyday use thanks to the high-quality sensors and advanced production process, even if the product is dropped or subjected to temperature fluctuations. 

Higher measurement accuracy, many electronics functions 

Whilst the previous generation of electronic spirit levels stood out for its high measurement accuracy, this has been improved even further with the new generation with values: 0° and 90°: ± 0.05°, 1° to 89°: ± 0.1°.  

The electronics module is equipped with a wide range of functions and is perfectly tailored to the challenging requirements. This means that acoustic guidance with two different audible signals enables components to be aligned more quickly, without having to look at the spirit level. 

For work in poor light conditions, both displays are illuminated to two levels, at the push of a button. The light settings remain even when it is switched off and on again. Another helpful feature is that the digital display automatically turns to the reverse position, enabling it to be read off easily at all times. 

Thanks to reference angle mode, an angle measurement can also be accepted, saved and transferred to other components. The HOLD function saves a measured value so that it can be transferred quickly, even to areas with poor accessibility, whilst the KEY-LOCK function also prevents accidental entries. 

Proven spirit level technology 

Both new models contain proven spirit level technology from Stabila. The most important factor for long-term precision is quality vials, which are connected to and cannot be removed from the aluminium rectangular profile, as part of a special installation process (LOCKED VIALS). This also prevents the vials from detaching if the spirit level is dropped. The shock-absorbing end caps absorb energy effectively upon impact, protecting the profile. At the same time, the slip stoppers on the end caps guarantee a firm seat when marking, without allowing the spirit level to slip. The caps can be removed so that exact positioning and marking is possible right into the corners. The large finger-grip opening also ensures ease of use and a secure hold during all work. 

Different lengths and designs 

The new TECH 196 DL and TECH 196M DL electronic spirit levels from STABILA are available in different lengths. The TECH 196 DL is also available in a new short version of just 23 cm, without vials, in a completely digital design, which is particularly suited to aligning short building elements or for tight spaces. The scope of delivery of all models/designs includes a practical spirit level case for transporting it. All lengths, except the 23 cm and 40 cm variants, come with a shoulder bag. 

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