Snickers Flexiwork Floorlayer Trousers

Snickers Flexiwork Floorlayer Trousers

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Snickers 6293 Flexiwork Floorlayer trousers have now added stretch, and a few more ideas that Roger Bisby has discovered.

When asked which are my favourite Snickers trousers I have no hesitation in saying the Floorlayer trousers from the Flexiwork range. It may seem like a strange choice for someone who isn’t a floor-layer, and doesn’t spend all day on their knees but, apparently, I am not alone in this choice. The Floorlayer trousers have become something of a design classic. Now Snickers has brought the design features of the classic Floorlayer trouser and combined it with the FlexiWork, so even if you aren’t spending all day on your knees you will feel the benefits. The feel of the stretch fabric is light and airy but it is Ripstop, so it is still very tough. In these trousers they have done away with the drawstring at the back of the knee and replaced it with stretch fabric that pulls the knee-pad into position but allows it to form around your knee when you bend. Unusually for Snickers, the knee-pad is loaded from the inside, but the elastic fabric makes it an easy load. You then discover that there is a drawstring in the hem of the leg, so you can pull it tight around your ankle. I am not sure when I would ever do that but I am assuming it is the product of research rather than whim.


In use these trousers just feel like the best work trousers I have ever worn. I now use them for roofing, plumbing and occasionally, yes, even floor laying though I avoid anything with sand and cement adhesives because they are just a bit too good for covering them in gunk. I also use them for installing underfloor heating, and find I can even push the pipe into the groove with my knee.

The knee-pad pockets are completely different to the classic Floorlayers and are made of Armortex stretch fabric with DuPont Kevlar fibres to make them harder wearing and give them added protection against sharp objects. They don’t look that tough but apparently they are.

Other features taken from the FlexiWork range include the very useful zip thigh pockets and the zip holster pocket. I can’t tell you how useful it is to know that my keys are safely zipped away even when I am crawling through roof spaces and floor voids. I also love the integrated belt.

If you spend any time at all on your knees then these trousers are well worth the investment. There are cheaper trousers out there but you will be hard pressed to find any better.

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