Roger Bisby: The ‘Hole’ Story with Milwaukee

Roger Bisby: The ‘Hole’ Story with Milwaukee

Roger Bisby gets the ‘hole’ story on Milwaukee’s Selfeed Bit Set.

This Milwaukee seven piece selfeed (sic) Bit Set is a high quality forstner bit set which is ideal for plumbers and electricians. I love the fact that it comes in a blow moulded case rather than a single skinned case that might shatter.

The sizes range from 25mm up to 65mm.

Included in the set are an allen key and several self feed screw bits for replacing the leader. There is also a 140mm extension bard which locks securely with the allen key so you won’t end up losing your bit as you wind it back out.

The teeth are made from heat-treated steel and you can run a diamond or green grit stone over them.

They are optimised for fast cutting and they work really well but be warned not every drill has enough torque to turn the larger sizes.

Happily the FPD 18 Volt brushless Fuel drill I used to test these bits has loads of guts for the job. If you want to use an angle drill to drive them through the joist use a big one because most cordless angle drills are not up to the task.

On the smaller sizes you will be fine but the 65mm bit will smoke a lot of drills.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the self-feed tip will stop pulling the bit as soon as the bit runs into free air and that last little bit of cutting has to be done by pushing. It is then that you realise just how much the self-feed bit does.

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