ROCKWOOL launches new product range

ROCKWOOL launches new product range

ROCKWOOL has enhanced its trade range with new products and more sustainable packaging.

ROCKWOOL has expanded its non-combustible stone wool insulation range for builders and tradespeople by launching two new products – 150mm Thermal Insulation Cavity Slab 32 and 140mm Sound Insulation Slab. The manufacturer is also introducing more sustainable product packaging across the ROCKWOOL Trade Range in 2024.  

A new 150mm thickness of Thermal Insulation Cavity Slab 32 will support builders and tradespeople in meeting the UK’s now more stringent thermal regulations, such as Part L 2021 (England). Developed using patented NyRock® technology, Cavity Slab 32 has a 0.032 W/mK lambda rating, making it the lowest lambda stone wool currently available in the UK and Ireland.

Cavity Slab 32 helps installers achieve ‘continuity of insulation’, as recommended in guidance in Approved Document L 2021, as it can be friction-fitted without precise cutting. The product is also water-repellent and has a Euroclass A1 non-combustible reaction to fire classification. 

Further expanding its range, ROCKWOOL has introduced a 140mm version of its popular Sound Insulation Slab, joining 50, 70, and 100mm thicknesses. The new 140mm Sound Slab provides acoustic performance for internal floors, and with a 0.035 W/mK lambda, it can also be used as thermal insulation for external timber frame walls. As with Cavity Slab 32, Sound Slab has a Euroclass A1 non-combustible reaction to fire classification and a flexible edge for easy friction fitting.

“There’s much more to complying with thermal regulations than choosing an insulation with a certain stated u-value,” said James Francis, Product Manager at ROCKWOOL UK. “An air gap as small as 6mm is enough to increase heat transfer by 158% of the design value, so achieving a continuous fit is crucial to energy efficiency. At the same time, homeowners want more than just thermal performance; they’re looking for fire and acoustic protection too.

“These new products support builders and tradespeople in meeting the evolving needs of homeowners and legislation and, importantly, are straightforward to install in a way that minimises heat loss.”

Alongside launching two new products, ROCKWOOL will roll out new-look packaging across its Trade Range in 2024. James continued: “At ROCKWOOL, we’re always exploring ways to reduce waste to landfill and minimise the use of virgin materials. As such, our new product packaging has been designed with greater recyclability in mind.” 

The new ROCKWOOL Trade Range product packaging uses 30% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. It also features less ink with just two primary colours and a mostly transparent design that makes recycling easier.  

“The updated design also features new labels with clearer product data and QR codes linking to digital information so customers always have the latest information at their fingertips,” added James. “We’ll be rolling out the new product packaging throughout the year.”  

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