Review: Tibby Singh tries the Timberland PRO hypercharge work boot

Review: Tibby Singh tries the Timberland PRO hypercharge work boot

Timberland is a brand that doesn’t need an introduction on or off site, but some may wonder what the difference between Timberland and Timberland Pro is. Although there are many similarities, the main difference is that the ‘PRO’ range is designed for work sites, and their work boots will, of course, feature a safety toe cap. This makes sense, especially given that Timberland were originally designed as work boots, but then began offering the everyday casual wear that became so popular, and most people are familiar with. This makes me more interested to see if they can still achieve their primary purpose, and even more excited to review the new Timberland Pro Hypercharge boots.

The first thing I noticed about the boots was their similarity to hiking boots. When I think of hiking it reminds me of constantly walking on different terrain. This is very much like a building site, as you’re continually on your feet on various surfaces. I can also see why they became fashion boots, but it’s OK looking the part but I wanted to see if they took me to new heights on site.

As previously stated they obviously have protective toes that are made from a composite material. This is becoming common in various boots as it makes them light in weight, so it was something I was expecting. What I wasn’t expecting was the shoe to contain ReBOTL material, which contains at least 50 per cent recycled discarded plastic bottles. This is a great innovation and I love how Timberland PRO care about the planet we are walking on.

It’s actually a pleasure walking in these boots; and they will even take rough terrain in their stride. This is down to a clever sole that’s about 1in. thick and made from various layers. The grip on the rubber outsole resembles a tyre, and even has an independent suspension network, which makes it very comfortable in any environment. Being oil and slip resistant and being non-marking, scores more marks.

On top of this is the kind of EVA midsole which is used in sports shoes, as well as a non-metallic puncture-resistant plate, which protects your feet from any sharp objects penetrating through the sole, with a contoured shock-diffusion plate protecting you from any impact.

Finally, the insole your feet rest on has an Anti-Fatigue Technology design. I never get tired of removing the insoles of shoes to see the technology used. It is the first time I have ever seen this design, which is an exclusive geometric cone support. It consists of a honeycomb structure, which is very innovative as not only less material is used but it makes it strong yet still flexible.

Shoes are generally associated with bad smells, but Timberland PRO have gone a step further, and incorporated an Antimicrobial Odour Control treatment to prevent and control odours. Another refreshing design is the Stable Stride Technology to reduce the chances of your ankle rolling.

I also had the pleasure of trying out some other Timberland PRO garments, such as the Interax Work Holster Trousers, which, thanks to the seamless four-way stretch gusset, are very comfortable, making them ideal for a range of motion. Timberland PRO’s Honcho Sport Sweatshirt felt incredible and, thanks to its distinctive orange colour, certainly looked the part. The stand out feature on this is that it has rain repel technology, which helps keep you dry. Finally, to wrap it up, I slipped into the Timberland PRO Dry Shift Max Jacket. I can tell you they have taken recycling to the max as it has a 100 per cent recycled polyester shell and lining. The materials feature breathable and waterproof properties too.

I am now the proud owner of the Timberland PRO garments and shoes. It may sound like I’ve Hyped these NEW Timberland Pro Hypercharge Boots up but when you see the detail and effort they’ve put into producing this level of quality, you know you’ve taken a step in the right direction.

Hyopercharge Leather Boot – Features at a glance

Independent Suspension Network Technology: a multi-density outsole with comfort lugs that adapt to varying worksite conditions, providing an additional layer of cushioning, comfort and stability.

Stable Stride Technology: designed to provide lateral stability on slanted and uneven surfaces to help reduce ankle rolling, slippage and injury.

Carbon Shield Technology: featured in the Hypercharge’s safety toe, this adds strength and subtracts weight with the help of nano technology, providing a better fit, lighter overall weight and unmatched protection.

Available in Brown, plus Black/Orange and Black/Teal.

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