Review: Tactical Threads from Regatta Workwear

Review: Tactical Threads from Regatta Workwear

Roger Bisby tries work trousers from Regatta Workwear‘s new range.

These trousers, from Regatta Workwear’s new range ‘Tactical Threads’ are made from a soft shell stretch fabric often found in lightweight jackets so, despite the slim fit, it gives you freedom of movement and protection against the elements.

The first and most striking thing in these trousers is that the shell has a warm woven back, so they feel like lined trousers. This is a level of luxury that is hard to find in any clothing, let alone workwear. They feel really great to wear, but the woven back makes them a little too warm in the milder weather, or when working indoors.

However, in the winter these trousers really come into their own, and they are ideal for anyone who has to work outdoors or in an unheated building. They also give you an added level of protection and cushioning, which makes you feel better protected. If you are a roofer, for example, sitting on wet tile battens in the wind, then these trousers will make your day a lot less arduous. I particularly like the shaped high rear waist band, which feels more comfortable than the standard waist, especially when you bend over. So if you are laying footings or paving you are covered where it matters. There is also a reinforced hem at the rear of the leg to prolong the life of that bit that so often ends up looking ragged.

In other respects these trousers are similar to many on the market, with triple stitched seams, holster pockets and Cordura top loading knee panels and zipped pockets. Slightly unusual though, on a stretch fabric, is the gusset on the crutch for extra movement. Often manufacturers rely on the stretch fabric alone, but I suspect this is because the stretch element in the soft shell is not as great as something such as Elastane. Here, the gusset is a lot more stretchy, and this helps reduce any strain on the stitching when you kneel down, and your legs move wide apart, but it springs back in to be hardly noticeable when you are standing upright.

Once again, with Tactical Threads we are looking at workwear that is aimed at the young. That doesn’t mean that old geezers like me are kept in the cold – you just have to be willing to move with the times. If you aren’t you will find plenty of what you might think of as classic styles in the Regatta range.

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