Review: Snickers Workwear shorts and fleece

Review: Snickers Workwear shorts and fleece

Tibby Singh Chodha slips into some of the latest workwear lines from Snickers.

I’m not usually one to wear work shorts, mainly because they don’t’ have as many pockets as trousers, but I would make an exception for the FlexiWork Shorts from Snickers Workwear. Although they are half the trousers they still have same number of pockets, including the holster type, which I’m a big fan of. Just like their trousers they have easy to access leg pockets, including a knife fastener, and you’re just a quick call away from the mobile phone compartment.

I’m renowned for filling my pockets up with all kinds of tools, so I always need to remember to wear a belt to stop me from dropping my trousers with the weight. However, these shorts have an integrated yet detachable hardwearing belt to prevent any mishaps. It is easy to open and close via its durable polyamide buckle in emergency situations. Having worn them for the whole day, I can say they’re a breath of fresh air in all the right places thanks to their high-tech body-mapped design.


snickers fleece

If you’re looking to keep your cool then Snickers Workwear’s AllroundWork, 37.5 Fleece Jacket, features the 37.5 Technology, meaning it helps keep the body at the ideal core temperature of 37.5oC. When you’re hot the active particles embedded in the material remove sweat in the vapour stage before liquid sweat forms, cooling you down. When you’re cold, those same active particles trap your energy to help warm you up.

There are two zipped pockets – which, looking at the size of them, are equivalent to 4 regular pockets. In addition to these there’s a sleeve pocket, ideal for your phone, or any other smaller items. It has reflective details on the sleeves for safety, which is a nice touch. It’s safe to say that this Snickers Workwear AllroundWork, 37.5 Fleece Jacket is ideal to work in, although it’s that nice you wouldn’t want to get it dirty.

solid gear
Another product that walks the walk is the Solid Gear Revolution Dawn Safety footwear. Not only are they much lighter than you’d expect, I can’t emphasise how comfortable they are. Instead of a steel or fibreglass toecap, a Nano toe cap has been used. This is still as strong as steel, as well as 40 per cent stronger than fibreglass, but lighter than any other material used in safety shoes, whilst equally being 100 per cent metal free. Everything’s been thoroughly thought through inside and out, as it has PU-foam Sock Technology and first class comfort.

Solid Gear hasn’t slipped up with anything because they are class SRC, which ensures the highest level anti-slip. Getting up at the crack of dawn and slipping into the Solid Gear Revolution Dawn Safety Footwear certainly adds a spring to my morning step!





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