Product Review: Ollie Allen Goes for Buckler Boots

Product Review: Ollie Allen Goes for Buckler Boots

Professional Builder’s Ollie Allen has been working in comfort ever since he received his new pair of Buckler boots.

Builders boots are funny old things. Usually they really are tired, old things, with guys on site wearing the same pair for years! Well I hopped into a pair of Buckler’s new Safety Lace Boots to road test these in the workshop and on site. Buckler Boots was founded in 1997, the founders were so tired of poor quality footwear on the market, they have been on a mission to make footwear comfortable, easy to wear and durable ever since.

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Part of their Largo Bay range, the BAZ safety shoe uses the latest development in sports/active footwear construction and is a great combination of both traditional boot and modern street styling.

The sneaker sole is made from non-marking rubber and has a lightweight breathable body construction, which make these a breeze to wear on long days.

I’ve been wearing these for a good few months now and tested them on site, in the workshop, in customers’ houses (with permission, of course) and even walking the dog! I haven’t felt the urge to tear off my boots at the end of the day to stop pain and discomfort, so for me that’s a great win over other boots I have worn in the past! The price tag on the BAZ boot comes in at a fair comparison to other boots on the market and I really rate these highly.

The boots are lightweight and flexible, using composite technology for the toe cap which reassures me they can take a beating when around heavy dangerous objects on site, but still keep me light on my toes.

Available in sizes up to 13 and in two colour ways, Honey with Cream sole and Black with White sole, these boots have really made an impact and will be on my feet from now on!


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