Easy Innovations: The Cutting Hedge

Easy Innovations: The Cutting Hedge

When it comes to new problem solving solutions for builders, Easy Innovations is very much at the cutting “hedge”.

With the thermometer nudging 90 degrees Fahrenheit at the time of writing, its hard to comprehend that Autumn is just around the corner and with it the usual problems associated with falling leaves and blocked gutters .One company which has turned these ill winds very much to its advantage is Easy Innovations which for almost twenty years has been offering British made property maintenance solutions.

Foremost amongst these is the Hedgehog Gutterbrush which is designed to prevent clogging and the subsequent potentially damaging water overflow. Suitable for around 95 percent of household gutters, a stainless steel wire core and Polypropylene bristles create a durable brush which adapts automatically to the shape of the individual gutter. The bristles which come in white, brown or black, have inbuilt UV protection which prevents them becoming brittle in strong sunlight and are virtually indestructible. Larger sizes are available for commercial and industrial applications and all come with a ten year guarantee. Over the years the product has achieved a number of industry awards and accreditations including a listing on the RIBA product selector and a Green Apple award for sustainability.

Designed to complement the Gutterbrush range is a special clip which keeps the bristles securely in place in low hanging gutters on flat roofs, gutters with no tile nose overhang and in areas prone to especially high winds. Manufactured in clear UV resistant plastic, these hand clips will fit discretely on the majority of profiles.

The most recent addition to the Hedgehog family is the Easy Air wedge, an inflatable aid to fixing and levelling. It holds windows and doors, appliances and other equipment in place enabling the tradesman to work single handily on the installation process .Quick and easy to inflate, built in Coreplate technology ensures the wedge remains rigid and does not buckle when it is pushed into small gaps. In fact according to the company it has been independently tested to lift 140kg.

With innovations like these, it is easy to see why the company will continue to hog the limelight for years to come.

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