Power tools from JCB Tools

Power tools from JCB Tools

JCB Tools has launched a new range of trade-quality power and hand tools.

The team at JCB Tools has worked closely with the JCB Industrial Design team to produce a range of tools and accessories.

The cordless range of power tools includes brushless motors – providing great benefits to the user. By eliminating the need for carbon brushes, the energy normally lost to friction and the resulting heat build-up goes into delivering higher performance and greater long-term efficiency. Brushless motors also have less wearable parts resulting in greater durability, extended motor life and quieter operation.

The tools are powered by lithium ion batteries providing a range of kit options from 2Ah through to 5Ah. This technology enables the prolonged use of cordless power tools and maximum mobility.  The range is powered by a single battery solution across all products in order to maximise flexibility, economy and mobility.

The new JCB power tools and accessory kits are available in kit bags and also in the JCB L-Boxx storage system made by Sortimo. The L-Boxx system provides secure storage, efficient use of transportation space and makes items clearly identifiable whether on the job site or in a workshop.

The team has also developed a range of accessories under the name of DIAMONDTECH, a programme of diamond-tipped hole saws used for accurately drilling delicate and costly materials such as grade 5 porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, glass, cement board, laminates and brick.

Matthew Seal, director and general manager of JCB Consumer Products, said: “Each of our new power and hand tools has been carefully crafted to ensure longevity and performance. We offer a comprehensive selection of tools designed to cater for the majority of construction, renovation and maintenance applications.

“The new range of tools has been developed to reflect the JCB ethos of quality and innovation and to offer products that exceed the ever increasing standards and needs of professional trade users. Each product in the range comes with a three-year trade warranty with the option to upgrade to five years for extra peace of mind.”

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