Pasquill releases a single storey timber frame extension kit

Pasquill releases a single storey timber frame extension kit

A new, single storey timber frame extension kit, which can be assembled in a day, has been released by Pasquill, a leading provider of timber roof trusses and engineered solutions.

The single-storey structure will comprise a flat roof and two walls, as well as bi-fold doors from an external supplier to help bring the outdoors in. Manufactured from aesthetically pleasing and sustainable timber, the extensions will have a small carbon footprint without compromising the structure’s performance or functionality. The extension does not require deep foundations, which minimises disruption to the homeowner, with the added benefit of a one load delivery and minimal groundworks. Pasquill believe the timber frame extensions will appeal to anyone looking to improve their home that may have previously been put off by the cost or legal restrictions. A relaxation in planning via Permitted Development will now allow the extension of a house without applying for full planning permission, provided the structure is single storey and up to half the width of the original house.

“A lot of talented people at Pasquill have worked very hard to bring this product to market”, declares Chris Powell, Sales Director, at Pasquill, “and I think the result is a brilliant, sustainable solution that will tick a lot of boxes for people. There’s certainly been a rise in demand for this type of home improvement too, particularly since lockdown, as people simply want more space, and to work towards the homes of their dreams. This is a comparatively affordable way for small builders to help them achieve this.”



Further emphasising the company’s determination to keep innovating even during lockdown, this winter has also seen the unveiling of a new virtual site measuring service.

Believed to be the first of its kind within the Roof Truss sector, it has been developed over the past six months but – with the added benefit of allowing contractors to reduce the amount of people who need to come to site – the service has been launched sooner to make projects safer during Covid-19.

The new system will allow customers to precisely complete the measuring for their own projects, such as a cut roof, modified eaves and roof trusses, which are then built to exacting specifications by Pasquill.

Videos and a visual guide have been created to complement the service, demonstrating to users the steps to take to achieve accurate measurements. The dimensions will be given to the Pasquill design team before the final product moves onto manufacture.

“We really think this is a fantastic service that a great many of our customers will take advantage of”, enthuses Chris Powell, Sales Director, at Pasquill, “particularly while social distancing is so vital. We put a lot of resources into research and development, especially when it comes to new and exciting technologies, and now everyone involved in Pasquill projects will be able to reap the reward.”

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