Outdoor masking tape from tesa

Outdoor masking tape from tesa

The Precision Mask outdoor range from tesa was developed to withstand variable weather conditions.

It is a high-grade paper masking tape for precise and flat paint edges outdoors. It consists of an extra-thin and strong washi paper backing coated with an acrylic adhesive. It is especially designed to suit a variety of outdoor applications on different kinds of surfaces; from protecting PVC windows to masking lights in preparation of painting concrete surfaces. The thin but resistant backing material is highly conformable and leads to flat, precise, razor sharp paint edges. No paint bleed and no unsightly residues.

The adhesive compound and backing material mean these tapes are weatherproof and both humidity and UV-resistant. The combination of waterproof functionality and tear-proof backing results in a product that remains stable for a long time in all weathers; allowing for easy removability up to 26 weeks after application outdoors. This also enables multiple working processes in only one covering process.

Made from a pressure-sensitive adhesive, these tapes need to be pressed firmly onto the substrate to get the optimum masking result. For secure adhesion, the substrate should be free from grease, dust, moisture and other traces of residues.

Donna Smith, trade marketing manager at tesa UK, says: “These tapes are a reliable partner for painting work of all kinds and, combined with sound workmanship, will return excellent results. One product cannot satisfy every requirement, so consideration must be given to the type of job in hand. For exterior jobs, it’s important to use UV stable outdoor masking tape, especially if the tape is to be left in place for long periods of time. General Purpose masking tapes will be affected by sunlight after only a few hours and will leave residues on removal.  tesa 4440 Precision Mask Outdoor has been designed specifically with this in mind.”decorator using tesa tape


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