Non-Combustible Insulation Solutions From Permavent

Non-Combustible Insulation Solutions From Permavent

Following the tragic and saddening scenes we will have all seen in the media in recent months, it is has become hugely apparent how vital it is to have fire resistant products in place.

At Permavent we provide a non-combustible breathable insulation ‘Permafol’.

Permafol is an extremely high performance and versatile construction membrane insulation with many unique properties that offer this ‘all in one’ solution for construction, which benefits: roofing, thatched and listed buildings, wall insulation, flooring, house wraps and compartmentalisation of flats/apartments.

Certified with a Euroclass rating of ‘A2-s1, d0’ the key feature is its fire resistant properties which will prevent the spreading of fire in all building types.

This rating guarantees that the product is completely non-combustible and will not contribute to a fire in any way. It also ensures that there will be no toxic fumes and very minimal smoke development, as well as not producing any residual burning droplets or particles which contribute to the spread of fire.

Made from recycled materials and ultrathin at just 10mm, it also boasts a thermal resistance R value of 1.7 and a possible U value as low as 0.15. When tested in the cavity, results showed it had the same thermal behaviour as 240mm of mineral wool.

All this makes it great for use as wall insulation and house wraps, such as with timber framed building developments and apartment blocks, and can be used alongside all other building materials and additional insulation.

You may already be aware that there has been supply problems internationally for high in-demand insulation products. This is due to a worldwide shortage of ‘MDI’ which is one of the main chemical components of PIR insulation boards.

Not only has this heavily impacted the availability of PIR and caused lengthy site delays, it has significantly increased the price for what is still left available. Increases average between 15 to 40% and have hiked up project costs.

Other problems we are hearing is when PIR does become available it is prioritised to companies with large contracts, and often the smaller customers continue to go without it.

With Permafol’s insulating features, projects can remove or reduce the amount of additional insulation normally required, especially the need for large amounts of PIR, and speed up the installation process. This can bring about a real saving on not only the project and labour time, but cutting down on delays associated with the supply shortage and the project costs.

In addition to the insulation benefits, its density and integrity will also reduce the noise transmission between properties. The high density blanket retains energy, stabilising the temperature at either side thus improving its efficiency.

The thermal mass also greatly reduces the risk of a thermal bridge (especially in roofing) that many foil insulations can be adversely affected by.

All this contributes to making it an ideal roofing membrane because its properties offer waterproof yet breathable layers, along with the excellent thermal, sound proof and airtight protection.

The reinforced reflective aluminium coating ensures the buildings stay cool in the summer by reflecting the sun’s heat away, and warm in the winter by trapping the heat inside.

Because it is breathable, it will not trap moisture behind it that can rot the timber.

With offering this complete fire protection, Permafol is also perfect for thatched and listed buildings, as the substantial level of insulation; increased soundproofing and high level of breathability maintains the integrity of the building and reduces the risk of fire damage.

Unlike other multi-foil insulations, the dense blanket ensures to save space as it doesn’t expand and only requires a 20mm air gap/batten, compared to at least a minimum of 38mm with all other leading products.

Whilst we guarantee its exceptional performance, ease of installation, and major savings in material/labour costs, time and space. What it offers above all else is excellent protection. Which, as a company, is something we consider fundamental.

A video of Permafol’s complete fire resistance can be found at

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