New Imperial pressed and engineering bricks for North & Midlands

New Imperial pressed and engineering bricks for North & Midlands

Following extensive development, Imperial Bricks has introduced a new range of pressed and engineering bricks.

The new 3”/75mm bricks – Accrington Smooth Red, Blue Engineering and Manchester Pressed Red – can be used to match existing brickwork or surrounding properties for RMI and new build in the North and Midlands. Available from stock, the bricks are a viable alternative to hard-to-find and expensive reclaims.

Imperial Accrington Smooth Red (Class A) is a high-quality red engineering brick, colour matched to original Accrington stock bricks. Boasting extremely low water absorption and high compressive strength, this is a strong and durable brick suitable for all applications, including very exposed conditions.

“Accrington bricks are no longer manufactured in an imperial size by any other supplier, and are extremely difficult to source as a reclaimed brick due to the high damage rates during demolition. The Accrington blend is most commonly seen across commercial and residential buildings in Manchester, and was used for the foundations of both the Blackpool Tower and Empire State Building!” says Jason Hughes, MD at Imperial.

The Imperial Blue Engineering (Class B) features an attractive metallic finish and is a strong and durable brick suitable for use below damp course proofing or to cap freestanding walls. It was traditionally blended with the Accrington Smooth Red in historic architecture.

The new Manchester Pressed Red features natural shade variations that replicate traditional pressed stock bricks found throughout Northern England, especially in iconic Manchester architecture.

With over  50 shades available focusing on regional variations, Imperial Bricks supplies traditional handmade, waterstruck, wirecut, pressed and engineering bricks.


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