New concrete screws from fischer

New concrete screws from fischer

Fischer offers a comprehensive range of concrete screws, manufactured in Germany.

The full range of FBS 6 concrete screws, with multiple head types, the first ever diameter 6 concrete screw with Seismic C1 approval and variable embedment depths across all sizes. The larger of the screws, diameters 8 to 14, come with features including  the special “saw tooth” geometry that enables faster and easier installations and the engineered thread that improves the loadings across the whole range of screws. Saving both installer time and size of screw needed!

The Ultracut 8-14 range allows the installer to reuse the concrete screw multiple times and again offers variable embedment depths making it a truly “flexible” fixing to suit the applications needs. Another useful time saving feature of this product is that the drill holes do not need to be cleaned for vertical holes which again would save the installer countless time.

Finally the FBS II A4 completes the range, available in sizes diameter 8 to 12, offering similar advantages to the rest of the range, however on the A4 version there is a superior hardened red tip to the screw to enhance the installation speed and secure the installation.

For more information or to find a local dealer visits the fischer website.

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