Master Lock’s Bluetooth Lock

Master Lock’s Bluetooth Lock

Master Lock has launched its new range of locks with a twist – they’re smarter than the average lock.


Master Lock has become the first security specialist to unveil Bluetooth padlocks combining keyless entry, shared access and no numerical codes, backed by the latest technology and the company’s 100 years of trusted expertise.

According to the company, the award winning Bluetooth Smart Padlocks provide essential peace of mind in situations at home, work, or on the move. The locks use your smartphone or tablet to secure possessions via an app, eliminating the hassle of lost keys or forgotten combinations.


Stay connected

Using a new technology platform, the Bluetooth Smart Padlocks combine accessibility with ease of use, intuitive 4401EURDLH_HRfunctionality and the strength, durability, and reliability Master Lock is known for.

Developed with simple, ergonomic features, the indoor and outdoor padlocks are made from the very best materials, including boron carbide and zinc, and suited for a variety of applications. Once registered, the Bluetooth Smart Padlocks will unlock upon touch when an authorised device is in range.

Using the Bluetooth Smart protocol for wireless communication, Master Lock provides cutting-edge security, with robust, military-grade authentication and encryption mechanisms to deter manipulation attempts. The padlocks also feature a directional keypad, offering an alternate method of entry.

Control and convenience

By downloading the free Vault eLocks (available for iOS or Android) and creating a Master Lock Vault account, users gain fingertip accessibility, connectivity and control of their padlocks as well as the ability to share digital keys and monitor the padlock’s activity.

Owners also have access to multiple padlock features, including adding or deleting locks, adding or removing guests, scheduling guest access, a padlock activity history, relock time and unlock mode. Owners also receive notifications for low battery and tamper alerts.

One-Touch operation

The padlocks are easy to use, with visual colour cues for lock status.  To open the padlock, the authorised user simply presses any button on the lock to “wake it up.” The lock will light blue as it connects with an authorised device. Then, it will unlock and light green, prompting the user to open the lock.

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