Dura-Ink Industrial Markers

Dura-Ink Industrial Markers

Markal brand manager, Steve Brook takes a look at the variety of industrial markers available to tradesmen

How many times during your working day, when marking out tiles or pipework, do you find yourself reaching for that pencil or biro stashed conveniently behind your ear? And how many times a day do you find yourself having to re-measure because you’ve come to cut or fit them and the marks have rubbed off? The problem occurs because tradesmen all too often are using a pen, biro or pencil that’s not suitable for the surface they’re marking. The solution is just as simple – to stock up on markers that are specifically designed for the job.


From marking the depth of joints before press fitting pipework to marking out drill holes and mounting brackets, an industrial marker beats a felt-tip pen or lead pencil hands down when it comes to staying clearly visible. The best bet for builders who need to mark out measurements on all types of materials and surfaces is to opt for a marker that can be used universally. Markal’s DURA-INK 5 is a good example of an all-rounder that can be used on all types of surface, including metal, pipes and tubes, glass, cardboard, timber and even textiles. The industrial-strength permanent black ink dries quickly on almost any surface and is smear and weather-resistant.

DURA-INK 5 has an extended nose and a micro tip that can be used for precision marking on small surfaces such as drill holes and mounting brackets, or in any hard to reach area. The marker also has a built-in clip-cap, designed to offer a quick and complete seal to prevent premature dry-out. The cap also stops the marker from rolling off of work surfaces whenever it’s put down and can be clipped on to a shirt or trouser pocket so it’s always conveiently close to hand.

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Another reliable all-rounder is the Markal Trades-Marker, which will leave a wear-resistant mark on all surfaces. Refillable to make it even more cost-effective, the marker has all the versatility of a paper-wrapped grease pencil, but with a simple push-button advance so it lasts longer. The Trades-Marker really comes into its own when you need to mark out tiles and especially when coming up against the problem of cutting large format stone tiles with a wet diamond tile cutter. These may be the latest trend in bathroom design, but they can cause all manner of headaches when you’re cutting them, as even a china marker isn’t suitable because the marks just rub off when they come into contact with water. It’s also available in a choice of bright colours, including white, yellow, red and orange, ensuring that the marks will be visible even in bad light.

When things get oily and greasy the Pro-Line WP and HP markers are liquid paint markers that leave a bold, permanent mark on such surfaces. The HP marker is a high performance paint that penetrates through oils and greases, whilst WP is engineered for enhanced marking performance and adhesion on wet surfaces, with a fast-drying formula that resists spreading and running when in contact with water or water-based fluids.

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