PermaRoof launches new comprehensive liquid coating system

PermaRoof launches new comprehensive liquid coating system

Supplier of innovative building products PermaRoof, part of PermaGroup, has introduced its brand-new PermaRoof 500 liquid coating system, as part of its ongoing goal to provide permanent solutions to age old problems.

Manufactured in the UK, the PermaRoof 500 system waterproofs a wide range of surfaces – including roofs, gutters, under green roofs, balconies, and more – with the addition of an anti-slip option that removes the risk of slipping in wet weather.

The system is made up of a polyurethane liquid membrane, producing a highly elastomeric waterproofing solution, with an ETA certification for a 25-year life expectancy, providing peace of mind when it comes to product longevity.

Sunny Lotay, national commercial manager at PermaRoof Commercial, said: “We’re thrilled to finally be able to launch our new PermaRoof 500 system. Every roofing project is different, which means a more adaptable solution is required and that’s where PermaRoof 500 comes in. It’s highly resistant to punctures, making it perfect for all types of flat roofing, and can be applied to those harder-to-reach areas of a roof with relative ease.

“The best part is that you don’t lose any of the key benefits you’d find in other roofing systems. You’re still getting high resistance to extreme temperatures, good vapour transmission, and rapid resistance to rain within 30 minutes of application, all from a single step.”

While the product is easy to install, PermaRoof Commercial provides a list of Permaroof Registered installers (PRI’s) through its website for those seeking additional support, which pairs customers up with local contractors, ensuring a successful installation by a certified professional.

Adrian Buttress, managing director of PermaGroup, said: “We pride ourselves in finding solutions and providing the best quality products we can, and the PermaRoof 500 is no exception. We are excited to be able to offer this new product as a part of our ever-expanding range. Our industry is always adapting and advancing, and products like this allow us to keep up with this change by offering new and exciting ways to provide our customer base with what they need.”

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