Makita’s top power tools for trade professionals

Makita’s top power tools for trade professionals

Calling all builders! In this first instalment of our new series, Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita looks at the power tools that you should always have to hand.

The Makita team is opening the lid on toolboxes and looking at the core products that trade professionals working across a range of sectors should always have to hand. They will look at the benefits of each recommended machine and explore the innovative features that they include, as well as how they can make work easier, quicker, and safer. The day in the life of a builder can be incredibly varied, which is why it is so important to choose power tools that can be used across a number of applications.

One such machine is the EK6100 disc cutter. This powerful, petrol engine machine has been designed to ensure user safety is maximised and impact on the environment is kept to a minimum. Makita offers a free 3-year service package, to provide contractors with peace of mind (if they register on-line) that the machine will continue to deliver top performance.

The EK6100 is equipped with a 61cc (2-stroke engine) with a stratified scavenging system incorporated – meaning it complies with all current exhaust emission regulations. This clever system works to create a layer of fuel-free air at the top of the engine cylinder, to prevent fuel from escaping during operation. Not only is this better for the environment and the user’s safety, but it also extends the machine’s run time as fuel is conserved.

To improve user productivity further, the EK6100 offers enhanced air filtration from the in-built cyclone pre-separation system. This feature works to remove dust particles away from intake air, thereby reducing the chance of dust getting stuck on the filter. This keeps the filter – and the machine – working at optimum efficiency for longer.

The EK6100 is lighter in weight compared to alternative models – weighing in at just 8.5kg. This helps to reduce operator fatigue and maximise productivity as tool downtime is reduced. The EK6100 also produces lower vibration levels with its built-in dampening system, meaning users are at a lower risk of vibration-related conditions such as HAVS (hand-arm vibration syndrome) and it is fitted with a water-feed system so a water tank can be fitted to assist with dust management. This machine also has an impressive cutting depth of 110mm, so it is suitable for use across a wide range of applications.

Additional features include a spring assisted recoil starter and fuel primer for easy starting. The touch and stop switch also turns the machine off and stops the rotation of the blade quickly for added user safety.

As well as a disc cutter, we recommend having an angle grinder in your toolbox. This type of machine is useful for making precise cuts and shaping materials like metal and masonry effortlessly. In the Makita range, you will find a selection of 18V and Twin 18V LXT machines – as well as the recently launched 40V XGT models (GA005G, GA004G, GA022GZ, GA023GZ, GA028GZ and GA029Z) that have been designed to withstand frequent heavy-duty cutting and grinding without compromising on run time.

power tools

Each model delivers the equivalent power of a 1,100W corded grinder and has a no-load speed of up to 8,500rpm. For improved safety, they feature AFT technology and produce low vibration levels. Further to this, the GA022GZ, GA023GZ, GA028GZ and GA029Z include Makita’s Auto-start Wireless System (AWS), which connects the machine to a compatible dust extractor via Bluetooth. This ensures that users’ exposure to harmful dust is minimised as when the tool is in use, the extractor is automatically turned on – and when the tool is powered off, the extractor automatically stops.

When selecting power tools, it is important to always consider the machines’ features and their benefits. Always check that the tool can offer improved safety with features such as a stratified scavenging system – and look for additional features that minimise vibration levels and reduce exposure to dust.

Your toolbox checklist:

  1. Disc cutter – useful for cutting hard materials like metal, concrete, stone and ceramic tile, a disc cutter can be used across a wide range of tasks.
  2. Angle grinder – for use on a range of materials, this machine can make precise cuts for a flawless finish.
  3. Demolition hammer – make light work of demolition tasks with a high-power demolition hammer. Ideal for breaking down concrete structures.
  4. Circular saw – this hand-held saw can be used to cut a wide range of materials including wood, masonry, plastic, and metal.
  5. SDS-PLUS Rotary Hammer drill – incredibly useful when drilling into concrete or masonry.

Accessories to suit the above core range:

For disc cutters and angle grinders:

Diamond blades and abrasive discs are available to suit all types of construction materials.

Diamond blades offer increased productivity and accuracy (when the correct blades are selected).

For demolition hammers and SDS-PLUS rotary hammer drills:

A full range of SDS-PLUS drill bits and chisels are available. High-end, quality ranges like this will optimise productivity by producing more work per item (longer life). Higher quality accessories also work more efficiently by reducing work time – less time drilling or chasing equates to quicker results and reduced trigger time. This also means the risk of HAVS exposure is reduced.

For circular saws:

Makita offers a vast range of circular saw blades to suit all construction materials including woods, metals, and nail embedded wood. The range covers all sizes of circular saws and mitre saws within the Makita range – and includes Efficut and Makblade that are specifically designed to work more efficiently with cordless saws and reduce drag, thereby extending battery run-times.

For further information on the range of tools and accessories available from Makita UK visit

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