Makita’s NEW 40V MAX XGT battery platform

Makita’s NEW 40V MAX XGT battery platform

In the latest instalment of our Tech Talk series, Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita, introduces the company’s new 40V MAX XGT battery platform.

Offering greater maneuverability, easier storage, lighter weight and zero emissions, cordless tools have a number of advantages. However, some construction tasks, particularly those within industrial operations require extremely high levels of power and torque. Fortunately, our new, innovative XGT battery, charger and brushless motor technology is a significant milestone for cordless construction, offering output that can rival the high power of corded tools and even some petrol engine machines.

What makes this different?

The new 40V MAX XGT is the most powerful battery platform in the range and is a stand-alone system with its own range of tools, batteries and chargers. Rather than opting for higher voltages or multi-voltages for power, investment has been made into research and development to achieve the required power and runtimes for high drain applications, by combining innovative tool design and extremely high battery output. As such, the dedicated 40V MAX XGT system offers optimum power and balanced run times that in turn, offers a genuine solution for high-demand industrial users, as well as a system that can be developed even further in the future.

A 2.5Ah XGT battery can charge in as little as 28 minutes and a 4.0Ah XGT battery in 45 minutes. For flexibility onsite, all XGT systems are supported by a charging unit that is also compatible with LXT batteries – enabled by the addition of an ADP10 adaptor, that allows 18V LXT batteries to be charged even quicker than before.

Built to withstand tough jobs

The system has been engineered to ensure levels of durability and robustness that can withstand the demands of high-power applications, and tough environmental conditions. The battery is housed in shock absorbing material and a heavy-duty outer casing that is dust, splash and shower resistant. As well as being extremely durable, the XGT battery is exceptionally light and compact in order to minimise additional weight when used with our range of XGT power tools, so that professionals can work for longer, with more comfort and less fatigue.

Optimised life

Finally, akin to our innovative LXT battery platform, the XGT solution also features Makita’s unique smart system. The system enables the XGT battery to digitally communicate with the tool, as well as enabling the tool to digitally communicate with the battery. This feature provides enhanced levels of protection for both the tool and the battery to reduce common issues, such as over discharge and overheating, to help prolong the life of the components as well as providing the foundation to adapt to even higher technology advances in the future.

The new 40V XGT platform already has a number of powerful products suited to high demand applications, including: an impact driver, rotary and combi-hammer drills, angle grinders, combination hammers, circular and reciprocating saws and there’s even a fan for the summer months.

XGT, alongside our LXT platform affords professionals with an unmatched line-up of cordless tools. Moving forward, our plan is to roll out many new LXT and XGT products that continue to make working easier and provide even more battery-powered solutions for a truly cordless job site.

Makita is currently offering a free 40V XGT battery on purchases of selected XGT models until 30th September 2020.

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