Makita’s 40V Max XGT battery platform

Makita’s 40V Max XGT battery platform

In part two of our feature on the 40V Max XGT battery platform, Professional Builder’s Lee Jones continues to explore the range.

Given that it is increasingly driving so much of the modern world, lithium-ion battery technology is a very active area of research – and it is paying dividends for builders. What Makita’s XGT 40V platform promises, for instance, is power aplenty in heavy duty applications but with all the convenience of cordless, bringing the prospect of a completely unplugged site ever closer.

The manufacturer’s new Circular Saw is an eloquent demonstration of the potential of the Makita XGT 40V range to rival mains power. On the existing Makita corded version, the maximum depth of cut is 65mm but, with a 62.5mm maximum figure, the battery version can now come very close indeed.

All that power delivers a high-quality cut from a saw that will simply glide through timber, and the 6,000rpm machine is also equipped with Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT) for added protection. Here, if you’re cutting through a knot or damp wood, it will maintain the necessary speed and torque to ensure a smooth finish in the material every time. The unit is compatible with a Bluetooth dust extractor, which will automatically activate wirelessly when you start the saw if fitted with an AWS receiver chip, plus the machine features a base design that will accommodate a guide rail.

A cordless SDS machine with the necessary grunt for heavy duty tasks previously needed to bear the burden of two 18V batteries to bring it up to a 36V solution, but the two new Makita SDS Rotary Hammers under the XGT banner, provide lighter and more compact alternatives. They will also give you longer runtime, and more holes per charge in a more comfortable and user-friendly package. Both the HR003G and HR004G 40V Max Brushless Rotary Hammers benefit from AVT Anti Vibration Technology and three modes of operation: Rotary Only, Rotary Hammer and Hammer Only. Other improvements to the existing SDS Makita machines include a side hook that will accommodate a lanyard to prevent drops and dust collection boxes that can be fitted to each machine.

The HR003G is fitted with a standard SDS chuck, whilst the HR004G has a changeable chuck that will accommodate bits other than SDS. In either case, the push of a variable speed trigger unleashes a considerable level of performance, with speeds of up to 980 revolutions per minute (rpm) and up to 5,000 blows per minute (bpm) of hammer action.

The GA004G and GA005G angle grinders continue the theme of matching mains – with the same output as the 1,000W electric corded version. The machines also feature a new quick release guard system, which can rotate and lock into seven different pre-set positions without the need for tools. The GA004G is a 115mm and the GA005G is 125mm, both of which are side switch machines. Paddle switch options are available as GA012G (115mm) and GA013G (125mm). All four machines feature brushless motors and Active Feedback sensing technology, where a sudden current surge caused by the disc sticking in the material will shut the tool down to protect the operator.

Fast charging times have long been a feature of Makita tools and the 40V range follows in that tradition, with a 2.5Ah XGT battery charging in as little as 28 minutes and a 4.0Ah XGT battery in 45 minutes. There’s also some clever electronics at play where the battery can digitally communicate with the tool – and vice versa – preventing over-heating, for instance, and prolonging the life of both.

The Makita XGT 40V Max range is a standalone platform with its own tools, batteries and chargers, although an adaptor is available to charge your existing LXT 18V units. It provides the manufacturer with the opportunity to introduce cordless power tools for the kind of industrial applications where some of its existing 18V solutions might struggle. For the end user, there’s much of the power of mains but with the freedom of cordless.

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