How to step up sales with Keylite

How to step up sales with Keylite

Loft storage is the ideal solution for homeowners who want to keep their belongings safe and within reach, while keeping other rooms clutter-free. Now, installers working on home improvement projects can easily upsell by offering a range of compliant loft ladders from Keylite Roof Windows (Keylite). 

Industry research has shown that a lack of storage space is leading more homeowners to think about the benefits of using their lofts to store belongings – but ensuring access is safe and practical remains paramount.

When it comes to thermal efficiency, installers know that insulating a loft or attic could result in hundreds of pounds in energy cost savings, especially in light of the recent spike in gas and electricity rates.  

However, the colder air in an insulated loft might cause draughts through insulation gaps, such as an inadequately insulated loft hatch with a ladder. That’s why the installation of an insulated loft hatch is advised by the Energy Saving Trust1. 

To give installers a cost-effective and comprehensive solution, Keylite’s range of loft ladders have been designed for fast and simple installation, to improve efficiencies around heat loss and even to protect in case of fire.  

Colin Wells, Head of Technical at Keylite Roof Windows, said: “Home improvements are key in ensuring people remain in the house they love – improving wellbeing and saving on a costly move.  

Keylite’s loft ladders have been specially designed for ease of fitting; allowing installers to streamline their processes and fit efficiently without compromising on quality. Our infamous pre-installed Flick-Fit brackets allow installation from below the loft, and Keylite’s unique detachable ladder enables one-person installation. 

“Given the recent spike in gas and electricity rates, homeowners are increasingly and actively prioritising the importance of well-insulated products in all home renovation projects. Class 4 loft ladders that meet European Standard EN 14975 give builders a guarantee that they are installing a tightly sealed hatch door, addressing a crucial aspect of energy efficiency. 

“Keylite, with its commitment to thermal insulation, airtightness and compliance with industry standards, works with builders aiming to create loft spaces that not only meet current demands, but also withstand the test of time.” 

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