Helifix Compact Power Driver Attachment

Helifix Compact Power Driver Attachment

Helical fixings manufacturer, Helifix, has developed a more compact version of its Power Driver Attachment (PDA) used to install its high performance InSkew warm roof batten fixings.

The new PDA is a third shorter than the original design, simplifying InSkew installation, with the added advantage of a lower price tag too.

With the shorter PDA fitted to an SDS drill, roofing contractors start closer to the batten providing greater control, making InSkew safer and easier to install. Furthermore, those contractors who previously opted to use a hand-held installation tool with a hammer may now decide to upgrade to the new PDA which enables rapid power-driven installation at a highly competitive price.

InSkew is specifically designed for pitched warm roof constructions to secure counter battens to rafters and passes through the insulation layer without adversely affecting its thermal properties.

Offering various benefits over standard roofing nails, this self-tapping headless fixing, avoids batten bouncing, splitting of timbers and minimises cold bridging. A simple, one-piece, stainless steel fixing, InSkew has been independently tested for loadings and pull out.

It withstands structural loads from both roof weight and wind suction and has excellent holding power in both tension and compression. Consequently, fewer fixings are required minimising installation costs.

To discuss your project requirements or for more information on InSkew or the new PDA, please contact the Helifix team on 020 8735 5200.

To obtain a quick, accurate fixing specification for your roof project, complete the ‘InSkew Calculator’ at www.helifix.co.uk Simply enter your roof details and Helifix will design the length, spacing and quantity of InSkews needed.

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