Hammer drill bits from Heller

Hammer drill bits from Heller

Since 1849, Heller Tools has been supplying professional users with quality tools.

The hammer drill bit product line includes models with two-, three-, and four-flute drill heads. According to Heller, the two-flute cutters are very fast hammer drill bits, and four-flute cutters are especially robust. The three-flute cutter combines the advantages of the other two types of drill bits and is therefore the best choice in terms of performance and price/performance ratio.

The Bionic Pro SDS-plus model is a high speed drill bit with two cutting edges that achieves the best drilling progress in concrete and reinforcement steel. The patented drill head promises long service lives, and the Twinmax 3D helix quickly and reliably transports the drilling dust out of the hole.

Heller also has a four-flute cutter, the 4Power SDS-plus, in its product range. This cutter is very robust and has a very long service life, even when drilling through reinforced concrete. The optimised head and helix design removes drilling dust, and, thanks to the computer-designed helix, also vibrates very little while drilling.

The Trijet SDS-plus is equipped with three cutting edges. It is the most powerful hammer drill bit from Heller and has the longest service life for concrete and reinforcement steel applications. The patented Trijet drill head is characterised by its extremely robust and powerful drilling progress. It also ensures maximum effectiveness and speed as well as minimum vibration when drilling due to its optimised helix design. In comparison to the hammer drill bits from the competition, the Trijet SDS-plus also has the lowest cost per hole.heller tools


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