Gyproc Habito: A Solution to a Perennial Problem?

Gyproc Habito: A Solution to a Perennial Problem?

Marking the launch 0f Gyproc Habito, a new wall solution from British Gypsum, one installer has been getting to grips with the plasterboard on a residential refurbishment job in Nottinghamshire.

JWS Property Services was given a challenging brief from a homeowner, who wanted to redefine the interior spaces of his home by changing the layout of the kitchen-diner and transforming the loft space into a master bedroom with an en-suite.

He needed a wall solution that offered installation flexibility in the long term, so he could continue to use the space effectively as its use evolved over time. It was here that British Gypsum’s latest concept came into its own.

Gyproc Habito installation 1Gyproc Habito is a plasterboard with a reinforced core, making it five times stronger than standard plasterboard. Antony Ford, who works for Nottingham based JWS and was the installer on the project, said: “The homeowners I speak to want to make their houses suit their tastes. Some of the people I work with have lived at the same place for years and they want their homes to change with them.

“I’ve worked on everything from complete room makeovers to simply hanging a person’s favourite artwork on the wall. However, I can’t always deliver exactly what the client wants. I can’t guarantee that a TV can be fixed to any wall; sometimes the plasterboard isn’t strong enough without specialist fittings. This can be frustrating for a homeowner as they can’t have their home just how they want it.”

Using the new plasterboard means those items such as shelves, curtain poles and TV brackets can be installed without specialist fixings. With this new wall solution, a single no.10 woodscrew can support 15kg of weight.

Antony fitted the plasterboard on all interior walls in the loft and on walls in the kitchen too. Speaking about the installation, Antony said: “It’s much the same as normal plasterboard, only slightly heavier due to the reinforced core – though this isn’t a problem with two people on the job. Once you’ve screwed it up to the timber, it’s exactly the same to use.

“The difference in strength compared to standard plasterboard is immediately obvious though. It’s brilliant; you don’t even need to reinforce it at the back. I actually took a hammer to it and it didn’t make a dint!

“Products like this will make a massive difference for people who want to stay in the same home for many years, because they’ll be able to change the design of their rooms whenever they wanted.

“There’s no need for drills or wall plugs when hanging items because it’s such a tough board. It’s just a case of screwing the fixtures straight into the wall wherever the homeowner wants. I’d definitely recommend it on other projects.”

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