The Fight Against Rain: Safeguard’s Waterproofer

The Fight Against Rain: Safeguard’s Waterproofer

Safeguard Europe’s Raincheck LS offers protection for limestone

Raincheck LS limestone liquid waterproofer from Safeguard stops rain penetrating stonework and reducing its thermal resistance. It also enhances life expectancy of limestone by reducing fissuring and spalling caused by freeze-thaw action, according to the company.

Developed specifically for the purpose of waterproofing limestone, the liquid waterproofer provides excellent penetration depth, water repellency and breathability. It is a colourless, water-repellent based on UV-resistant silane-siloxane based resins which allow the material to bond to the carbonates in limestone.

Easily applied by either brush or roller, Raincheck LS can be applied quickly and simply with minimal disruption to the occupier. Raincheck LS cures colourlessly in just 12 hours, thus not changing the appearance of the building and just a single coat will protect the substrate for up to 20 years.

It can even be applied to wet limestone, which will continue to dry out by allowing water vapour to escape while preventing moisture ingress such as penetrating damp.

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