Garador: Large Size Garage Door Range

Garador: Large Size Garage Door Range

Garador offers a range of garage doors in larger sizes

There is a trend today for wider garages; with homeowners wanting that extra bit of width for modern cars and for storage too.

Garador offers its most popular garage doors in a range of larger sizes. They can even offer purpose made door sizes for those properties requiring individual specifications. You can find garage doors in sizes of up to 5000mm wide for its Up & Over and Roller doors and right up to 5500mm for doors from its Sectional garage door range.

Garador’s Managing Director Neil Discombe says: “We offer a full range of garage doors in an assortment of sizes all the way up to 5500mm. Our choice of standard and purpose made sizes, means there is a garage door to openings both large and small.”

Garages are increasingly used for a variety of things, including storage, home gyms and offices, not to mention parking your car, so it makes sense to offer larger doors for larger garages. Design and colour choice have not been compromised and larger double door sizes operate as smoothly as standard single door sizes and are just as easy to fit. In its range of larger Up & Over garage doors, the doors come with retractable gearing.

Garador offers a full ‘Range’ brochure and comprehensive price list to help merchants and builders find the exact door they need. Plus with the Garador Easi Quote pricing and specification system available at all leading builder’s merchants nationwide, ordering a new extra wide garage door is quick and easy.

View the full range of garage door sizes and the latest Garador price list online at

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